Can Google’s Home Hub Make Christmas Less Stressful?

Christmas is right around the corner! Wrapping, presents, parties, lots of organisation and STRESS?!? But, Can Google’s Home Hub Make Christmas Less Stressful? Some new research has been commissioned by Google which found how stressed Brits get at Christmas time.With nearly 2/3 of Brits finding Christmas at home and 1/3 of Brits wanting to hide in the bathroom to get some away from it all, furthermore 1 in 10 of us would rather swim naked with sharks than spend Christmas with the in-laws. It can be said that Brits find Christmas very stressful indeed!

Stress at Christmas

Google’s findings were very interesting indeed with wrapping weirdly shaped presents making up 20% of those surveyed worries. Putting on weight made up another 20%, while financial worries made up the most of peoples worries with 24% of those surveyed.  Furthermore Google even found that people would do their best to get away from people at Christmas time, for a bit of alone time. 45% of those surveyed would go to their bedroom and 8% would head to the pub! What Google found whilst undertaking this survey that a crazy amount of Brits do find it stressful over the festive period, a whopping 65%! The survey was conducted to find how people will be using Google’s home Hub to ease the stress. With Google’s Laurian Clemence stating:

“Google Home Hub was made for times like Christmas. Having family round over the festive season can be overwhelming, and this device is designed to fit in with your life by being your personal little helper when you really need it; from using recipes for sprouts while managing not to burn the turkey, to videos for wrapping oddly shaped gifts, to setting timers, entertaining the family and controlling the heating. As it’s powered by the Google Assistant, it works with a simple voice command – meaning that you can juggle all the different elements of Christmas at the same time, easily and seamlessly.”

The Stress Table

Below is a table of all the things that Google found were the most stressful around Christmas time, however, there was some that missed out! Finding things for the kids to do made up 7%, running out of alcohol 5% and having to play games with the family 10%.

Top Ten Reasons for a Festive Freak-Out





Not having any time for yourself



Cooking the Christmas dinner



Wrapping weirdly shaped presents



Putting on weight



Spending time with the in-laws



Pretending to like a present that you really don’t



Buying presents for people you rarely see



Decorating the house



Untangling the Christmas lights



The table above shows that Christmas dinner is third on the Stressmas list, the Home Hub can actually give you some help, (well we all know that!) but, there’s something special that you may not! Google have teamed up with Gordon Ramsay to create a hidden feature, you can find out what he likes to eat at home by saying ‘OK Google what does Gordon Ramsey eat at home?’ That’s not all either! Hidden content is also provided to you if you ask Google about prima ballerina Misty Copeland, famed for her performances in the festive ballet The Nutcracker, answering ‘OK Google, when did Misty Copeland start dancing?’ If you like to sing Christmas songs, you can ask Google for help with that too! Asking Google, ‘OK Google, how to sing like Nick Jonas?” will get you tips from the pop star himself!

(Google Press Release)

For more information on Google Home please click here!

Google Home Hub is £139 and available from the ​​Google Store​​!

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Car companies release new cars on a semi regular basis. The way that car companies promote them do vary on the ‘cool’ scale. However, the Lexus ES has perked our interest. Why? As the film for the car was created and scripted using AI! Created in partnership with The&Partnership London and Visual Voice. It’s called Driven By Intuition and was created by Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald ( The Last King of Scotland, Whitney, One Day in September). The interesting thing is that the AI that was used to create this film was developed by IBM Watson. Using multiple data sources too! Such as past award-winning luxury adverts and intelligence on human emotional responses.

This way of producing content is a world’s first and highlights the ways in which humans and machines can work together. Consequently, in this fashion, it was done in perfect harmony. Highlighting the importance of intuition in the relationship between Man and Machine. Helping to promote the responsive features of the new Lexus ES.

Driven By Intuition is not just an ‘advert’ it is a minute long drama. It tells the story of a Lexus takumi master (Takumi is a Japanese word meaning artisan) craftsman. A craftsman who complete’s his painstaking work and releases a brand new Lexus ES to the world. However, it is taken away and threatened with destruction. Ruining all the hard work that he put into it. Yet, the car’s automatic emergency braking system cuts in to save the day. So to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intuitive tech that’s built into the Lexus ES.

How it was made: AI

Lexus’ creative agency The&Partnership London collaborated with technical partner Visual Voice to create the AI scriptwriter. Utilising IBM Watson to analyse a whole range of external audio, text and visual data. The AI then used this data to create a script. Which was not only emotionally intelligent. But entertaining as well! Then Kevin MacDonald was brought on to bring it to life.

The AI was fed with 15 years worth of car and luxury advertisements. Not just any advertisements either. These advertisements have won the prestigious Cannes Lions international awards for creativity! Unruly, a video marketplace, also fed the AI with emotional intelligence data. Consequently the AI knew and understood what moments in an ad connected most strongly with audiences. Therefore understanding how how actions, objects, locations and emotionality are used. Specifically, in different combinations & sequences to communicate the desired messages.

However, you would think that this would just produce a ‘copy cat’ style advertisement. To prevent this, data on Lexus as a brand was fed as a guideline. Thus keeping the script ‘on brand’ to what Lexus is about. AI was coached even further! With intelligence from MindX, the applied science division of the University of New South Wales in Australia. The data included important information, such as what makes humans intuitive! Plus how specific humans with an higher level of intuition respond to car adverts.

The result

The AI generated script is rich in genuine human emotion. However it does introduce some unexpected details. The AI script gives the car some sentience and emotional depth, while appearing to treat human behaviour differently. For example the habit of watching disasters unfold from behind a screen. Yet with a degree of healthy cynicism.


Behind the scenes:


Check out in depth detail about the Lexus ES please click here!

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iStorage diskAshur2

iStorage diskAshur2 PIN Encoded HDD: how to secure your hard drives data!

Ever worried about keeping your data secure if you were ever to lose your hard drives? Even after putting on a password on to the hard drive? We have found the solution with the iStorage diskAshur2! This device is incredibly secure as instead of having a software based password that you have to input into the computer. The password, or should we say PIN! Is built right into the device itself! Therefore creating some of the best security devices we have seen!

Furthermore, the device is easy to use hard drive is ultra secure and is PUN authenticated. Providing some of the best data protection available today. Including real-time AES 256-bit XTS hardware encryption. The iStorage diskAshur2 has incredible data transfer speeds as well. As the hard drive has USB 3.1 capabilities. The PIN is inputted into the device with an easy to use keypad, enabling you to securely access the drive. The PIN has a 7-15 digit PIN and works across all operating systems. Such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chrome and more! It will work on almost any device with a USB port!


The iStorage diskAshur2 is GDPR compliant too and has dedicated hardware based secure microprocessors, which employ built in physical protection mechanisms. So, these are designed to defend against any external tamper and bypass attacks. Therefore, the iStorage diskAshur2 is very unique as it reacts to an automated attack by entering a deadlock frozen state. The drive will simply not work unless the PIN is entered. There is literally no way around it!

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your own iStorage diskAshur2 by clicking here!

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Blue Yeti Nano

Blue Yeti Nano

Arguably the world’s best USB Microphone has been miniaturised and made even better for all content creators out there! The Blue Yeti Nano is a premium USB Microphone which is designed for everyone interested in creating. For example, podcasters, YouTubers, Gamers, Streamers and even in the workplace with SKYPE and VoIP! The Blue Yeti features 24-bit sound quality, an incredible compact design and is easy to use, simply plug and play! From our testing there is no lag or latency, there’s a headphone output allowing for monitoring. There’s also mic muting and pickup pattern choices available directly from the microphone too.

Pickup Patterns?

The Yeti Nano is incredibly versatile, as it allows users to record single or multiple sources at once! Simply tap the pattern selection button on the device to set one that’s right for the content you’re currently working on. Cardioid mode is perfect for single host podcasters, game streamers and voice over artists as it is dealing with a single voice or source. Omnidirectional mode is great for those when there is more than one person/source being recorded. Such as a dual host podcast or a conference call with more than one person in the room.


The Nano is very very clear. It was designed with two proprietary mic capsules which are designed specifically to give voices presence and detail. The Blue Yeti Nano supports high quality 24bit/48khz recording, allowing for crystal clear audio each time!


The Yeti Nano is beautifully designed and looks great on camera. Making it the perfect microphone for those who record their podcasts on camera or a video game streamer. What do we like the most about the design? The little channel on the metal stand which allows for a sleak input of the wire. No more wobbly or messy microphones!

Set Up

Set up is a breeze as Blue have made the Yeti Nano easy to use, whether you’re a beginner or an expert content creator! Simply plug in the device and you are good to go! The device works across a multitude of programmes such as Adobe Audition, Audacity or Garageband. Whatever your software of choice. It just simply works. You can even use the Yeti Nano with a boom arm! Simply purchase the Radius III shock mount and attach it to a Compass Broadcast Boom Arm!

There’s an app for that!

The Blue Sherpa Companion App will allow content creators to get the very best from the Yeti Nano. Mute, Unmute microphones/headphones, fine-tune gain and levels, switch polar patterns, and change sample rates all in one place! What’s even more impressive about Sherpa? It will download any firmware updates directly to the Yeti Nano!


Purchase your own by clicking here!

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TAP Wearable Keyboard

TAP Wearable Keyboard

First of all, this is an amazing little device. A device that took us by surprise. TAP Wearable Keyboard looks like something our of Minority Report and yet, is so useful! The TAP Wearable Keyboard from our tests had a very steep learning curve. However, we can see the potential for this device. It feels very natural to use and nothing alien at all. With a lot of patience and practice we can see the wearable keyboard taking off and in use across the world.


However, it’s not just a keyboard it also has a mouse attached to it! Well, it’s your thumb. Which you use to scroll and navigate around your computer by rolling or gliding your thumb across the table, simply tap to click. Again, it will take some getting used to. Some patience and some practice. Yet, it did feel very very natural to us. We can see plenty of uses for the TAP Wearable Keyboard too, for example, the disabled. If they only have use of the hands the TAP Wearable Keyboard may be a lot easier and less painful for them to use than a keyboard and mouse. Or even those who are visually impaired and struggle with seeing keys on a keyboard and cannot touch type! The device is engineered from advanced, biocompatible materials which allow for the free movement and comfort whilst you tap and type.

Moreover, Tap is bluetooth enabled and can be used across a range of devices such as a computer, a laptop, a tablet and many smartphones that have bluetooth built into them. It comes in two sizes and has a micro-size battery which provides 8 hours of use. Recharge it simply by putting it away into the case and plugging in the case to a wall outlet using a USB plug and a Micro USB lead!


Furthermore, what do we love the most about TAP Wearable Keyboard? The fact that you can use it anywhere and on any surface. Tapping becomes texting and swipes become cursor movements. This is revolutionary and we cannot wait to see what the future holds. We already use gestures like it’s second nature on our phones. So why not move to the desktop?


Purchase TAP Wearable Keyboard by clicking here!

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5 Black Friday Memory / Storage DEALS!

Here at How To Kill An Hour, we understand how frustrating it can get when you run out of memory. You need all the data on the hard drive and there’s nothing you can delete. Or you are on set and you need all the rushes just in case you need them in the edit. Or your phone has run out of memory whilst on holiday and there is nothing you want to delete. It can get so frustrating! However, there are solutions! So, we have devised a list of 5 great memory products for you to get your teeth stuck into this Black Friday event on Amazon! (16-25th Nov)

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter

This little device may just be the best memory deal we have seen on Amazon over Black Friday. At just £8.79 you’ll be receiving a whopping 64gb of storage! You don’t have anything that uses MicroSD? Fear not! This particular product comes with an adapter allowing you to place the memory card into a plethora of other products that take the larger SD cards.

At 100mb/s you cannot go wrong and for £8.79, what are you waiting for? It holds up to 1200 photos, 160 albums and 320mins of Full HD video. This little device is a beast and is perfect for all the content creators and hobbyists alike. (Purchase here)


SanDisk Ultra 64GB Dual USB Flash Drive USB M3.0 up to 150 MB/s

This one is for all the Android owners out there. If your particular Android phone supports USB OTG:

USB On-The-Go (OTG) is a standardized specification for USB connections that allows a device to read data from a USB connection without requiring a PC. The device is basically becoming a “USB Host”, which isn’t an ability every gadget has. (makeuseof)

With this nifty little device you can back up your phones photos, videos and even contacts to it. It’s high speed usb 3.0 and can transfer data up to 150mb/s. SanDisk’s own Memory Zone app lets you easily manage your photos and videos. The mini USB end connects to your Android OTG phone/tablet and then once it has backed up on to the device you can connect the regular USB side to your computer and transfer all the data off of it! A perfect back up solution! (Purchase here: £10.78)


SanDisk Ultra SDHC Memory Card Up to 80 MB/s

This particular SD card is not as fast as the other ones we have listed here, however, it is the price that has drawn us to this. £5.99! SIX QUID basically. SIX QUID FOR 32GB of storage! Incredible value! That’s 53p per gig!

It may only transfer at speeds of 80mb/s but, that’s a small price to pay considering the amount of money that you’re spending on this memory card. What’s a few minutes more of your life when you’re getting this much incredible value for something that’s as big as 32gb! 160mins of HD Video (720p) and 80mins of FULL HD video (1080p)  – We dare you to find a better memory card for this low priced from a massive company like SanDisk. Incredible value!

(Purchase here)

SanDisk SDCZ48-128G-U46 Ultra USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 Up to 100 MB/s

This product is designed to be carried around with you transferring data, more so than recording directly on to it with a camera. This is more for when you are going from home to the studio and you want to take your work with you but not the laptop. That’s always been a bit of a struggle with the large file sizes that everything is these days. Well with this 128gb giant of a USB Stick (the size of the memory, not the stick as it’s tiny!) you can carry so much more. Plus with SanDisks own SecureAccess software you can password protect and encrypt the data on it, so if you were to lose it you can be safe in the knowledge that the data is untouchable.  Plus with transfer speeds of 100mb/s all your files will take no time at all to be transferred from home to studio! (Purchase Here: £16.99)

SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I card for Nintendo Switch 64GB

So it’s Christmas Day and you’ve cracked open a Nintendo Switch and a gift card to download all the latest games, however, you’ve downloaded Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Fifa 19 and you really want one more game to round off a great set of titles: Super Smash Bros! You’ve ran out of space, but there’s literally nothing you want to get rid of. You’ll have to go without. Not while How To Kill An Hour is here! Just extend the storage capacity!

With the Sandisk MicroSD built specifically for the Nintendo Switch! This bad boy gives you 64gb of storage, allowing for a ton more games to be installed on to your device. With a transfer rate of 100mbs a second you’ll be ready to play in no time and for £15.99 you cannot go wrong! (Purchase here)

Apple Holiday Showcase

We recently were invited to a super secret Apple Holiday Showcase Event where they showed off all of their latest gadgets and gizmo’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season! They showed off a lot of things from their latest keynotes amongst a bunch of other super cool 3rd party devices that are a lot of fun! Below are some of our favourites! Don’t forget to check out our gallery of the event at the bottom of the blog post!

(All purchase links are affiliate links)

3rd Party Products

Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is a smaller version of the ever popular Sphero. You can do almost everything that it’s bigger brother can do, but in a smaller form size! It’s about the same size as a table-tennis ball! Different to the other Sphero’s available, the Sphero Mini uses facial expresssions to play! Face Drive will track a users expressions such as smiles, frowns, head tilts and more to control Sphero Mini.

The Sphero Mini has three different driving modes within the app: Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot, or Face Drive.

There are also a range of games available to play with Sphero Mini too! Such as:

  1. Exile II: Use Mini as a controller to move and shoot spaceships.
  2. Lightspeed Drifter: Control a futuristic ship racing inside a tunnel with Mini.
  3. Round Trip: Rotate Mini to destroy a polygon of “bricks”.


As with all Sphero’s the Sphero Mini can also help users learn how to code! Using the Edu app you are able to program the Sphero Mini by drawing, dragging blocks or text coding. Sphero Mini comes in 5 colours: blue, green, pink, orange and white. All of which are interchangeable!


  • 10M Range, connect via Bluetooth
  • Charge with the included micro USB
  • LED lights glow in any color
  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • Charge an hour, play for 45 minutes
  • iOS 10+ & Android 5.0+ compatible
  • Height: 42mm / Width: 42mm / Weight 46g
  • Top speed 1m/s
  • Accessories – miniture bowling pins and cones – included

(Spher0) (Purchase £49.99)

Sphero BOLT

The Sphero BOLT is the bigger brother of the Sphero Mini and it does back a punch! Producer Bill had a lot of fun trying to programme the Bolt to go around the table at the Apple Holiday Showcase Event!

It’s designed for children trying to encourage them how to code. However, we feel as though this can be for any age who are into learning how to code! The Bolt uses advanced sensors to track speed, acceleration, direction and drive Bolt without having to aim the robot thanks to the compass! It also uses infared technology to communicate with other BOLTs.  The shell itself is bluetooth enabled allowing it to communicate with the app and other BOLT’s

You can use the Sphero Edu app from a desktop or mobile device to create custom activities or even download some of the aweseome community created programmes to play with. Learning to code can be as simple as drawing on the screen, use Scratch blocks or if you are advanced coder write your own Javascript text!


  • Live Sensors
  • 2Hr Playtime
  • Auto Aiming
  • Inductive Charge
  • Durable Shell
  • Bluetooth Enabled

(Spher0) (Purchase £149.99)


Play Interactive Gameball


This was a lot of fun whilst at the Apple Holiday Showcase event! It’s a simple ball game but has a lot of intelligent tech inside of it!

You can play with an iOS device for on the move fun or via the Apple Tv. The free Gameball app (iOS) comes already loaded with a ton of single and multiplayer games. They’re simple but so much fun! Such as hot potato or who can make the ball spin the most in an allotted time!

The games are focused on improving a players hand eye co-ordination, agility and creative thinking. Such as the single player game called “Impossible” this is a platformer designed to start off easy and get harder as the game progresses. Users will have to think outside the box to think about ever increasing heights, RPMs and airtime challenges.

Whilst Multiplayer games such as Mulitplayer Showdown is a simple racing game. While Party Time is based around silly challenges which will bring family and friends laughing for hours! Other games such as Skyscraper and Sport Labs tap into STEM and the competitive nature of users. As precise airtime, height, speed and catch force is recorded to help a user better understand the physics behind sport.


(Apple, Purchase here)

DJI Tello Edu

This drone from DJI is designed for the first time Drone flyers or children who are looking into drones as a hobby.


Again, like many of the devices we have featured here, the Tello Edu drone is designed to help younger people get into coding. It’s the ideal for anyone engaged in STEAM-based learning. The drone flys incredibly well and has DJI’s cutting edge flight technology like many of it’s bigger drones. Allowing for precise and stable flying.

The drone is super light and very strong, making it great to learn how to fly drones inside as it’s less susceptible to breakages and/or injuries. Plus, for all the young filmakers out there the drone has an incredible 720p video recoring camera on it and can take pictures with it’s 5MP Camera!

The Tello Edu App in conjunction with Swift Playgrounds will help users code the drone. It’s made it easier for children and novice coders with the introduction of colourful interface, helping users easily navigate themselves around the app. Therefore allowing users to have complete control of their drone whilst completing simple manoeuvres


  • Enhance your flight with DJI’s flight control technology
  • Learn coding with Swift, Scratch or Python
  • Program a swarm of drones
  • Mission Pads offer multiple fun uses
  • Unlock more programming possibilities with the upgraded SDK 2.0
  • Control Tello Edu with the app on your iPhone or iPad
  • 5MP photos and 720p video with Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Precise hovering
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Safe and easy to use

(Apple/Purchase £139.95)

Apple Products

iPhone Xr


iPhone Xr was really impressive! We loved the form factor and the fact that it can do almost as much as the more powerful size iPhones The lower end of the Apple iPhone lineup but still as incredibly powered as it’s more flagship devices. The iPhone Xr is all screen, glass, allowing for wireless charging and aluminium design. With an LCD screen that’s the mosr advanced LCD in a smartphone, Liquid Retina, standing a 6.1 inches. iPhone Xr features Face ID, True Depth camera system, the same camera system as the iPhone Xs which creates dynamic portraits in a single camera lens. The iPhone Xr is also IP67 rated, protecting it from every day splashes. (Read More)

(Purchase £749)



iPad Pro

The iPad Pro was very impressive, we love how sharp and clean it looks! The design is definitely one of the best designs that we have seen here at How To Kill An Hour.  Using it in person the device is super quick and can undertake tasks quicker than a regular laptop can. Even dual loading two different apps at one time. We can definitely see this replacing some laptops for some of our readers out there. This device is definitely one to keep an eye on!

The iPad Pro has seen an incredible upgrade, marking the biggest change to iPad ever. The display has been transformed into a beautiful edge to edge Liquid Retina display. It now includes Face ID, USB C and out performs many PC laptops. Furthermore there are updates to Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio. The second generation Apple Pencil now connects to the iPad Pro magnetically, wirelessly charging at the same time. The Smart Keyboard Folio has a brand new design that’s adjustable for added versatility. (Read More) (Purchase 11″ £769 / 12.9″ £969)

Macbook Air

Apple announced a brand new version of the Macbook Air recently to replace the current Macbook Air. This new Macbook Air features slimmer bezels on a stunning 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID and the latest processors. Making the worlds most loved notebook, the Macbook Air, even better! Seeing it in person is really really impressive. Again, this little Macbook is crazy quick and is perfect for all the bloggers and students out there!

The keyboard has been improved to share the same quality keyboard than that of Macbook and Macbook Pro. But it’s in it’s 3rd generation, with a slight improvement on the ones in the Macbook and Macbook Pro’s. Furthermore the Macbook Air’s trackpad has also been improved. Pressure sensing capabilities and haptic feedback on a 20% larger trackpad offering a quieter and more capable trackpad experience.

Audio experience on the new Macbook Air has also been improved seeing a 25% loudness imcrease and 2x more bass than the previous generation. The Macbook Air also comes with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. Allowing connections to external storage, docks for additional ports and 4K and 5K displays. (Read More)

Mac Mini

Mac Mini has had a upgrade in performance. The device now comes with quad and 6-core processors, up to 64gb memory and up to 2TB of all-flash storage. Therefore increasing the speed to up to 5 times faster performance than the previous generation. The quad-and 6-core 8th generation Intel Core processors with up to speeds of 4.6GHz and Intel UHD graphics is responsible for this massive increase in performance. As a result rivalling many larger, more powerful machines. Allowing users to perform tasks such as video editing, software development and photo editing at a much faster rate than previously.

This little powerhouse is not shy of ports either. It has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, each with double the performance of the previous Mac Mini. It can connect to high speed storage, 4K & 5K Thunderbolt displays and output video in three different formats. The Mac Mini also has a HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB-A ports, an audio jack and 10gb Ethernet ports. (Read More)

(Purchase £799)


The Homepod is very impressive as a singular device. However in a stereo pair the smart speaker is very very very VERY impressive. We were blown away how clear the audio was coming out of this little device. You can hear every little musical intrument and the bass is powerful but not overpowering. Even at a low volume, we could still hear the bass and the vocals. Nothing was lost. Nothing was taken away. At either end of the spectrum of volume.

AirPlay 2 alongside bring with it stereo play with 2x Homepods, it also brings multi room playing so if one Homepod is in the kitchen and one homepod is in the living room, you can simply ask Siri to play “Pop Music” in the Kitchen, whilst staying in the living room. Living Room’s music will be untouched. Seriously impressive.


All the speakers, tweakers and all music based tech from within Homepod is all Apple built and with this brings tremendous sounding music. The way that the speakers are formed and the brains from within the device, the A8 chip. Allow the speaker to adjust itself to wherever it is and from any room – even if it’s moved. No longer is sound directly forced in front of you. With the HomePod, the audio is all around you. You get the best experience, from anywhere in the room.

Consequently we are very impressed by this and cannot wait to continue learning more about this wonderful device. As audiophiles we are blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of this device.

(Purchase £319)



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Snapchat Spectacles 2.0

Snapchat Spectacles 2.0

Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 are here and they’re better than ever! The Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 are designed for use with your Snapchat account, making it easier than ever to record your day out, sharing your day with friends and family. Savouring memories forever! What’s good about them? Well, for starters you don’t even need to have your phone with you to record snaps. As, the Spectacles themselves can hold up to 70 videos on a single charge!


They’re super easy to use as well. Simply press the button on the top of the Spectacles to take a photo or video from your point of view. No need to grab your phone and select the app. Making things a lot easier and less streamlined. Making time enjoying your activity that much more precious as there’s no need to fumble with your phone! Furthermore the Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 records HD Video and Photo. Press the button for a 10-second video. Consequently, press it again to keep recording for a total of 30 seconds! To take a photo simply press and hold the button.

They’re water resistant as well! The Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 are designed to resist the water, so take them to the beach, a pool party and not worry about damaging them. They can even take photos UNDERWATER! You have an option to export in a multitude of ways too: White Background, Black Background, Square or Widescreen: (CLICK ON IMAGES TO GET A BETTER VIEW)


You’re able to recharge your Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 within the hour too! Simply use the included charging cable and power up the Spectacles 2.0 (Originals only) anywhere in their included charging case. When you return to your phone, the Spectacles will sync wirelessly with Snapchat, then you’re able to easily export to share on another platform! The stories that you take on your Spectacles will automatically add to your story, they’ll capture photos in a special HD Circular format. Allowing you to relive the moments how your saw them!



Buy your own Snapchat Spectacles 2.0 by clicking here: NICO / VERONICAOriginal

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Seagate Game Drive

Seagate Game Drive PS4

Ever had to delete a game that you really didn’t want to because you have run out of space on your PS4’s Hard Drive? How many times has that happened? As we know it’s happened on more than once occasion for us! Well there’s a plethora of choices available for external hard drives and we’ve found an incredible one! The Seagate Game Drive for PS4, it comes with a whopping 4TB of storage which allows for 100games!

The drive is USB 3.0 which is incredibly fast, therefore you won’t experience any slow down as it’s like you’re playing games from the internal drive.

Installation is pain free and super quick. Simply plug in the Seagate Game Drive directly into any USB port on the PS4 and boom, you’re good to go. The PS4 will recognise the drive and walk you through a simple set up. The Seagate Game Drive will be ready to have games installed on it within 3 minutes!

Purchase your own drive by clicking here! It comes in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB configurations, so you’ll never run out of space!

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Sky Soundbox

The Sky Soundbox is the piece of audio hardware to revolutionise your tv viewing experience! For £299 (£499 for Non Sky Tv customers) it’s the perfect piece of tech to compliment your Sky Q package.

Sky partnered with Devialet, who are one of the most innovative names in audio to bring you the Sky Soundbox. Combining the power of Sky Tv intelligence with Devialet’s incredible, groundbreaking acoustic technology. Together with Sky Q the Soundbox delivers crisp, crystal clear bespoke sound across all of the content you love. Sports, Music, Cinema, it can handle it and produce the very best audio experience to compliment the very best visual experience with Sky Q.

The Sky Soundbox brings immersive 360 degree’s of audio experience. Putting you at the heart of the action. Home cinema quality sound from a single speaker. Simply plug and play.

Sky Soundbox produces powerful bass, dynamic volume and huge power, all from a single box. Worried about the depth of the bass. There’s no need for an external subwoofer with the Sky Soundbox, so no need to worry! It is very intelligent and can adjust volume levels automatically to ensure 100% clarity.

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