Using Fesshole to CONFESS!


So the main way to confess your sins is usually at the Church to your pastor or one drunken night and you have a heart to heart with your best mates. However, what if there was a way to confess to the worst things that you have done in your life. Well thanks to the internet there is a way to do it!

Diving into the Fesshole…..

Fesshole is a Twitter account which will allow all you sinful people to confess to your darkest secrets. Simply complete a Google Form and voila, you have confessed. A bot will then post the confession online for the public to read and understand. Or ridicule, gasp in horror or laugh at of course. The account was set up by Rob Manuel, the man behind Clickbait bot and Swear Clock.  Fesshole all reminds us how dark and twisted every single one of us is.

Most importantly it provides us the readers, a fragile self esteem boost. As not all of us have stuck a carrot up our bum, poo’d in the shower or have their best friend want to do the dirty to their wife.

We’re not sure if all of them are true, it’s the internet after all. Yet, this is human life and life is generally stranger than fiction……

We think we’ll stick to the drunken nights out or the good ol’ pastor in the church. As at least this way it’s just one person (depending on how far your trust goes) and not the whole internet.


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