Vine 2

Is Vine alive again? Vine 2.0 Teased for 2018!

First of all, everyone loved Vine. We were all sad when Vine shut down. Now Vine may be coming back! In the form of Vine 2! What this exactly is though is anyone’s guess. But we’re very excited about a potential resurrection of the 7 second beauty!

Vine 2 is the creation of Vine 1’s Co-Founder Dan Hofman. Vine 1 was purchased by Twitter, who shut it down at the beginning of 2017 (Seems so long ago now doesn’t it!) It spawned a lot of creators careers but alleged monetization problems caused many creators to flee to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Jake/Logan Paul being the most prominent of the group. King Bach moving to the big screen and staring in a number of TV shows and Movies.

Vine 2: The rumours

Whilst this isn’t a definite that Vine will be born as Vine 2, Hofman himself did tweet that he is working on a follow up to Vine and funding it himself as a solo project. His most recent tweets Hofman shares concept images of a Vine 2 logo known simply as V2 and making sure each artist gets an equal voice, being generous to each artist, creating a civilised community and a ‘nope button’ which allows you to form your own timeline.

Most of all, we don’t know much else about Vine 2 but we’re very excited by the prospect of it. Will it be as successful as Vine 1, have we all been Vined out? Maybe time will tell, 2018 is shaping up to be very interesting!

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To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!