Polaroid Mint Pocket + Print and take your photos wirelessly!

This little device is incredible, listen up all you selfie lovers, this piece of tech is just for you! The Polaroid Mint Pocket will turn your selfie game on it’s head! With this fantastic little device, which has been vertically designed, especially for Polaroid pictures. You can print your selfies. Instantly! All in 60 seconds!

Not only that but the paper that you print your selfies on instantly become a sticker! The Polaroid Mint Pocket will become your go to holiday snaps camera. Take a picture and print them in less than a minute. In a world that’s fast becoming digital, it’s refreshing to see a piece of tech that’s bringing back tangible photos.

You can also use the Polaroid Mint app for iOS and Android to add things like borders and filters!

Purchase a Polaroid Mint Pocket by clicking here!

Polaroid Mint app: iOSAndroid

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