Google Maps Parking!

Google Maps already tells you how much traffic and congested your drive will be and it may soon tell you when you actually manage to arrive to your destination if there will be some parking spaces and the best place to park!

According to Android Police a new feature detailing just that was found in the 9.44 beta of Google Maps latest update. Spaces are listed as “easy,” “medium” and “limited”

Google owned app Waze introduced a similar feature of its own last year and while Waze can actually help you find a spot, Google’s own app only gives a general overview of the parking situation and it’s not yet clear as to how Google is getting this information.

How this is going to work? Is it limited to public places? Can it tell you if the road you live in is good for parking? No one knows for sure just yet. We’ll have to wait until the official release to find out but this is certainly interesting!

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ALWAYS find a way to park! This new app we’ve been playing around with helps out a lot in fiding the best place to park and that’s not just paid spaces!


(Information credit: iTunes)

AVAILABLE IN – London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Coventry, Norwich, Reading and Cambridge

List of features:
– Cheapest & Nearest Petrol and Parking
– Discover potential nearby free parking zones.
– Real Time Availability in Westminster.
– Inbuilt Bank Holidays times for each zone.
– Event Day Zone alert near stadiums.
– Motorcycle Bays Locations.
– Disabled Bays Locations.
– Petrol Station Locations and prices.
– Electric Charging Station Locations.
– Paid Car Park Locations.
– Congestion Charge Zone alert and payment.
– In app alarm and car locator.
– TRACE hotline. So if your car does get towed then one call will sort it all.
– In app directions.

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Episode 160 – Parkopedia


The name Parkopedia is a combination of the words parking and encyclopedia (think Wikipedia… but for parking!).

Born out of a frustration of looking for parking, we have set out to map and list every parking space in the world. To date, Parkopedia has grown to cover over 38 million parking spaces in 52 countries around the world thanks to contributions from drivers like you.

Use this app to

* Find parking using your current location or by entering an address

* Get directions straight to the space

* See parking space availability in real-time (where available)

* Find opening hours, up to date prices, payment methods and more

* Quickly narrow down parking choices using filters such as free, credit cards accepted, covered, etc

Now compatible for use in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles fitted with InControl™ Apps!

If we don’t have coverage in your area yet, you can email them and they will keep you updated on our progress. You can also easily add a space by uploading a photo of a parking sign or a price list.

(Information Credit: iTunes)

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