Boosted Boards. How Far Can They Go?

We love our Boosted Board here at the office, it was a lovely day in London, so we thought we’d take it for a test!

Boosted Boards boast a full charge can reach up to 7 miles…so we charged one up and took it round one of London’s most scenic areas to find out!

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Drone’s Soon May Require TESTS!

The UK are pushing forward with more regulations on Drones. British Government have ruled that any RC aircraft that weighs over 350g (0.55lbs) will have to take a safety awareness test. Hoping that this will reduce the numbers of those flying drones near airports, as well as introducing geofencing to physically prevent the drones from flying into airspace.

Compact drones are just as bad as the larger drones too due to their exposed rota’s, a drone weighing 400lbs can crack the windscreen of a helicopter, it may not cause an airplane windscreen to crack, but you can still cause a lot of damage and a disaster if you aren’t careful. So stay away from airports!

Registration is nothing new, but it begs the question, will you be willing to buy a drone knowing you’d have to take a test to legally be able to fly it?

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Hyperloop Completes First Test

Hyperloop, the futuristic tube travel method thought up by Elon Musk, that would get travellers from London to Edinburgh in 45 mins, has completed it’s first test, paving the way for a fully fledged release of the futuristic tech in the near future, making a vehicle travel at 70mph for 5 seconds using magnetic levitation.

The company has a goal for it’s next speed to be 250mph before aiming for the full speed of 750mph before we presume launching not long after barring safety licenses and being approved by the relevant travel boards. However it is believed that the Hyperloop will be used at first to transport cargo before moving onto people transportation.

Hyperloop also showed off a prototype pod design:


Hyperloop have said that it’s design is safer than passenger jets, has lower build and maintenance costs than high speed trains and it’s energy usage is incredibly low, equivalent to that of a person on a bicycle.

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Following the SatNav added to Driving Tests

The DVSA has added a section to their tests – a section on following the directions of your in-car GPS navigation machine. 

Coming this December, on your test you will have to do double the amount of independant driving and the new SatNav section. But no more reversing around a corner/three point turns. But you will have to parallel park, reverse in a straight line or park in a bay (without going over the lines)

The new section, as ludicrous as it sounds isn’t as crazy and you won’t have to be strict with it and end up driving into the woods –  it won’t even matter if you go the wrong way — the test is all about seeing if you can follow instructions and keep your driving up to standard.

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