2000 VS 2020

So 2020 is right around the corner, which is a whole 20 years ago! So our friends over at OnePlus decided to compare what we did with technology to what we do currently and beyond. It’s quite eye opening to see how far we’ve come since the year 2000 and the Millenium Bug. Who remembers THAT! How scared were we? For nothing! Anyhow, without further adieu check out below how far we’ve come!

2020 vs 2000 – In 2000 we:

  1. Played snake….in 2020 we play the piano on the OnePlus 7T Pro
  2. Blackberry messaged….in 2020 we say what’s up on Whatsapp
  3. Called a premium rate number to get a ringtone such as Ms. Jackson, in 2020 our phone is on perma-mute
  4. An sms costs around 12p….in 2020 the only people who send sms are Dominos (but who can resist 50% off?)
  5. Our mobile phone batteries lasted around three days….in 2020, we’re shouting across the office “who’s got a charger I can borrow?”
  6. The o2 was called the Millenium Dome and o2 was called BT Cellnet…and in 2020 the Millennium Dome & BT Cellnet are both called o2 – Orange is now EE and One2One is now T-Mobile
  7. We had to use a digital camera to take a phone, as camera phones didn’t exist… in 2020 digital what! Camera phone cameras are so advanced, there’s no need for a traditional camera of a lower res
  8. Apps meant a uni or job application… in 2020 the app market is worth an estimated $71.3 billion
  9. We used to upload our holiday photos from a digital camera into Facebook albums…nowadays we let everyone know we’re on holiday by posting our hotdog legs and pina colada on Instagram
  10. We walked around with a mobile phone and a Diskman…we currently stream til’ our heart’s content on a smartphone

Credit: OnePlus

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Episode 277 Kermit Zuckerberg

WhatsApp ban

WhatsApp banned for Under16

So there’s going to be a WhatsApp ban. WhatsApp are raising the age of the minimum age of it’s users to 16 across Europe. The current age limit for the messaging app is 13. However, the company are enforcing stricter rules ahead of the new data privacy rules due to be enforced in Europe in May. Yet, if you’re from outside Europe, the age is still 13.

The messaging service will ask for EU users to confirm their age before accepting new terms of service. The WhatsApp ban is unknown as to how it will affect the number of users. As the service which has 1.5billion users from January. Furthermore WhatsApp have confirmed that they will not be asking for any more rights to their personal data.

WhatsApp Ban: Facebook

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, are introducing a similar data policy. With users aged between 13 and 15 having to get permission from a parent or guardian for them to share information on the platform. If no permission is given, the teen will not see a fully personalised version of Facebook.

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WhatsApp is introducing new features

Revoke a message in 5 minutes to delete it 

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that could help save you if you tend to type before you think!

It’s been rumoured for a while that the app was working on an ‘unsend’ feature, which means users can delete messages they have sent and then decided they didn’t want to send that message.

The only 2 rules are that the message must not be read by the person you sent it to and it has to be revoked within 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, on the other end of the spectrum it’s also rumoured that WhatsApp could soon start sharing users data with parent company FaceBook.


WhatsApp are answering all the guys who send that “risky text” and regret it a few seconds later – they are reportedly working on a feature that gives you 5 mins to unsend that message.

A Twitter account by the name of WABetaInfo tweeted out the rumour informing the world of this feature with a “revoke” button” claiming that it may be available at the next iOS update.

It is unknown if this is the same as the feature that WhatsApp began testing last year that allowed you to unsend it if it hadn’t been read.

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Episode 217 Exploding Kittens

WhatsApp Messages be gone!

WhatsApp is testing a feature whereby a user can delete a message on the recipients phone before it has been read!
Additionally it will come with an edit feature to correct those pesky typos!

However it is only in beta and there is no word on an official launch for this update. Furthermore a new feature which allows users to send friends their location when they’re moving across a 1, 2 or 5 minute period. There are no privacy worries as this comes with an option to turn it off.

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Episode 167 – WhatsApp Deleting

WhatsApp Video!

WhatsApp has hit iMessage with a massive punch and added video calling to their app for FREE.

First they started with regular old instant message, then group message, most recently they added voice calling to their ranks and now they’ve probably put the nail in iMessage’s coffin with Video Calling.

No more green messages! Yay!


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WhatsApp Annoyance!

Are you part of a group chat? We’re assuming that the answer to that question is a yes. The group chat is the place where banter is thrown around and no one is safe, nights out are a nightmare to organise and, as with most group chats we’re sure, if left alone you return to hundreds of messages!

So to combat the constant bleeping and flashing of your phone, you mute the chat. Simple solution! Right?
Well WhatsApp have become that annoying little brother who just WON’T leave you alone. It’s introduced you an ‘@’ feature to highlight a specific message where a user wants to signal a user.

Of course our friends will just use this feature to annoy us and not how its meant to be!

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