WhatsApp ban

WhatsApp banned for Under16

So there’s going to be a WhatsApp ban. WhatsApp are raising the age of the minimum age of it’s users to 16 across Europe. The current age limit for the messaging app is 13. However, the company are enforcing stricter rules ahead of the new data privacy rules due to be enforced in Europe in May. Yet, if you’re from outside Europe, the age is still 13.

The messaging service will ask for EU users to confirm their age before accepting new terms of service. The WhatsApp ban is unknown as to how it will affect the number of users. As the service which has 1.5billion users from January. Furthermore WhatsApp have confirmed that they will not be asking for any more rights to their personal data.

WhatsApp Ban: Facebook

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, are introducing a similar data policy. With users aged between 13 and 15 having to get permission from a parent or guardian for them to share information on the platform. If no permission is given, the teen will not see a fully personalised version of Facebook.

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