the hipster ladybird book

The Ladybird Book of The Hipster

In the mood for a laugh, well these books are the perfect read to put a smile on your face.

The children’s publisher, Ladybird brings top-selling humorous books for adults, explaining the modern world in an eight part series.

The Ladybird Books

The Ladybird Books

This particular book is brilliantly funny, providing a section of photos and a careful choice of words, describing the modern day ‘Hipster’ and their ‘edgy’ ways.


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Robin Cooper’s Timewaster Letters

For several years, Robin Cooper has been plaguing department stores, hotels, associations, fan clubs and a certain children’s book publisher with his letters. From Prince Charles to the Peanut Council, Harrods to the British Halibut Association – no one is safe. So who is Robin Cooper? Architect, thimble designer, trampoline tester and wasp expert, Robin Cooper is all of these things – it just depends on the person he’s writing to…

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Amazon Opens More Book Stores!

If opening a physical store wasn’t interesting enough, Amazon is adding to its fleet of Amazon Book stores already in use.

Amazon told the Wallstreet Journal in an email that they are opening a bookstore in Manhattan sometime this spring. Located at Time Warner Center in Midtown at the edge of Central Park.

In an ironic twist of fate Amazon may have been tempted by such a location as Manhattan rent prices are dropping due to online stores.

Amazon currently has three bookstores located at Seattle, Portland and San Diego. As well as this new one in Manhattan there are also plans for two more, Chicago and Massachusetts.

Amazon’s books are cheaper in it’s physical stores rather than online, but unsurprisingly enough you can sign up for a prime membership in store.

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The Chimp Paradox!

In EP68 of How To Kill An Hour, Mandip Gill talks to Marcus about how she likes to kill time, one of those ways was reading! One particular book that Mandip mentioned to Marcus was ‘The Chimp Paradox’ which is a self help book designed to help improve your mind management. ‘The Chimp Paradox’ is described on Amazon as being an incredible and incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person!

Prof Steve Peters explains what goes on inside that noggin of ours and with that knowledge of how our brains work apply it to our everyday lives:

– Recognise how your mind is working
– Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
– Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

The book is very scientific but it has been simplified into an easier way for you to understand, allowing you to remove anxiety, have more control over your emotions and increase your confidence! Identify your problems that are holding you back and lead yourself into a happier and more successful life via exercises that you can do!

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