Babershop Ballers: Alternative Footie Analysis

Barbershop Ballers

Neymar has got nothing on these lads…For more gold like this tune into Barbershop Ballers at the end of Spain v Russia on the Red Button #barbershopballers.

Posted by BBC Sport on Sunday, 1 July 2018

The world cup is over and we were blue after being knocked out by Croatia in the Semi-Finals. However, we can hold our heads high as the lads done well and made the country proud. What a World Cup it was, trials, tribulations, tears, excitement, drama, it was an exhilarating watch!  Babershop Ballers was one of the things that was really good to watch alongside the football, bringing with it comedy and football analysis! (We’re not forgetting when Nick went to the toilet and missed a GAME CHANGING goal during Belgium Japan!)

Yet, our very own Nick Bright had his own show on the BBC iPlayer during the World Cup and it was incredible! Set up by BBC Sport and called Babershop Ballers, Nick Bright had an alternative analysis of every single game during the World Cup in Russia.

The premise was Nick lead a viewing party for a whole host of celebrity guests such as Trevor Nelson, Lethal Bizzle, Nadia Rose, YouTube Star DT and NFL Superstar Jay Ajayi

Watch Nick Bright on Babershop Ballers by clicking here, there are a total of 10 available episodes to watch!

Listen to the guys chatting about Babershop Ballers on the latest podcast which you can listen to by clicking here! 

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