Fishing Sim World: Let’s fish!

Ever wanted to go fishing but don’t want to sit outside and get all cold and wet? Or are you a lover of fishing and wish you could fish more often? So, there’s a solution for both of those types of people! An incredible fishing game, but not an arcade, the most authentic and realistic fishing simulation ever made. It’s called Fishing Sim World and it’s available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC NOW!

The game is made by a team of passionate anglers and it captures what the life of a fisher is all about. In absolute incredible detail too! Fishing Sim World features realistic game physics, accurate fish AI and even comes with fully licensed kit! Including your reels, rods and lures! Fish on a boat and activate sonar to make it easier to find the perfect spot to fish!

Furthermore, you don’t have to just fish in your local lake anymore, travel to the US/Europe and fish in beautiful lakes around the world. There’s an option to fish amongst your friends competitively, it’s not all on your own! Fishing Sim World comes complete with leaderboards and tournaments in ‘The Dovetail Fishing League’ fish against other anglers around the world and become the ‘Angler of the Month’

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