Rage 2 Wasteland Superhero

Rage 2: Wasteland Superhero


Rage 2 is a crazy game and a lot of fun too! It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, you’re in control of the character Walker. However Walker isn’t just anybody normal. He’s a Wasteland Superhero!

You’re able to wreak havoc on General Cross and his army of mutant soldiers. What with? We hear you ask! So, to do so, take hold of an arsenal of powerful weapons and high tech nontrite abilities to help you along the way. Furthermore you’re even able to combine lethal toys together, culminating in crazy combos to absolutely destroy anyone in your way. The Authority just won’t stand a chance. Bring the demolition. Bring superhero justice to the wasteland. You’re own way.

To see more of the powerful weaponry and ability combos check out the video above!

There’s a bunch more information on Rage 2’s abilities, powers and combinations, on Bethesda’s website here!

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