Apple getting greener!

Apple are getting green fingers! According to a Chinese regulatory filing e Cupertino company has invested in four wind turbine Chinese Companies that are owned by Beijing Tiarun New Energy Investment, which is a subsidiary of Goldwind – China’s largest wind – turbine manufacturer. Marking this step as Apple’s largest clean energy scheme to date.


These investments will yield A LOT of power, 285MW of clean energy to be exact, and the power generated from these turbines will power Apple’s supply chain manufacturers.


While their supply chains are getting greener it’s not just those warehouses and factories like the widely known Foxconn, Apple has been looking to make its offices and stores a lot greener too. In 2015 Apple announced a joint venture with SunPower to build two solar projects, you only have to look at Apple’s brand new campus to highlight how serious Apple are taking this. The main building’s roof is covered in solar panels and 80% of their campus will be green space!

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