512 Audio Limelight Dynamic Microphone

The Limelight Dynamic microphone from 512 Audio is perfect for podcasters and streamers a like. It’s plug and play and a blast to use. Furthermore it comes packed with tons of features that are only available to the more expensive counterparts.

The Limelight Dynamic Microphone is beautifully designed and gives fantastic clarity for podcasts, broadcasts and livestreams. The mic itself is a dynamic studio mic that is custom tuned. Especially for voice and speech. It has a hyper focused pickup pattern, built-in pop shield, and low frequency filter. So the Limelight Dynamic Microphone will capture just the nuances in your voice. Cutting out out any unwanted and unnecessary noise.

Voice Focused

Limelight is tuned to focus on just the frequencies that capture voices in a rich manner. So audiences can enjoy talk focused content with the clarity you’d normally get from a broadcast outlet. While the way that it does this is through an expert design. Combining a professional dynamic capsule with a modern circuit to produce smooth audio.

As the Limelight features a tailor made frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz. The microphone is sculpted for close-range vocal frequencies. Therefore eliminating any most of the noise. The pickup pattern too is 20% narrower than a standard cardioid microphone. Capturing your voice and rejecting any noise room around you. Noise is further eliminated! With a user-switchable low-frequency filter to prevent noise and low-end rumble.

Furthermore that’s not all! As the Limelight Dynamic Microphone also has a built in pop shield to block a lot of the plosives.


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