Ford Pro: A productivity solution

A new product from Ford has been rolled out, Ford Pro. It’s designed to help European commercial fleets of vehicles productivity. Ford Pro is an innovative, digital solution designed to increase uptime and lower operating costs. The Ford Pro is a new global business which is dedicated to delivering productivity solutions to commercial customers of all sizes.

Ford Pro solutions include combining software, charging, service and financing for commercial vehicles. While providing customers with one platform to operate their fleets. As they adopt a connected and electrified vehicle fleet across their business.

Ford Pro Vehicles 

Connected vehicles are part of Ford Pro’s Intergrated offering. They enable customers to maximise fleet productivity and uptime using a full suite of integrated solutions. The Ford Pro Vehicles offer a range of world-class commercial vehicles. Ford’s global knowledge of a customers needs has developed this.

Ford Pro will aim to help ease customers’ transition to electric fleets. Via the range of capable, all-electric commercial vehicles designed to increase productivity and sustainability. Without damaging capability or cost of ownership. Following a great introduction to the electric fleet with the E-Transit. With 5,000 customer orders! Ford announced that the Transit range will include 4 electric models. The all-new Transit Custom one-tonne Van, Tourneo Custom multi-purpose vehicle. The next-generation Transit Courier Van and the Tourneo Courier are multipurpose.


Half of all Ford commercial vehicles sold in Europe are converted to suit a customer’s needs. So, the Ford Pro Special Vehicles team will offer in-house engineering expertise to deliver a range of specialist donor vehicle products. These products will form the basis of the converted vehicle. As well as high-performance component upgrades. Such as the auxiliary battery and fuel systems and preparation packs for features which include beacon lights and trailer electrics on the ICE and EV platforms.

Upgrading your ride with premium Ford F-Series parts enhances the overall experience and performance of the vehicle. This aligns perfectly with Ford Pro Special Vehicles’ commitment to customization and quality.

A customer’s conversion requirements are further supported by a network of two thousand converters. This is due to the Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program. They will offer expertise and solutions all across the conversion spectrum. From a simple racking fit to a national fleet of refrigerated delivery vehicles.

The Special Vehicles team will also expand its offering to customers and convertors through a range of unique services. Helping to further drive operational and business productivity. Which includes a range of digital upfit solutions. Such as the integration of third-party systems into the in-vehicle touchscreen. Offering an improved user experience. Removing the need to add extra control panels in the cab. As well as homologation and technical support to improve the efficiency of the conversion process.

Alerts and actions via Ford Pro Software

So, Ford discovered that people desire a single solution which links all aspects of fleet management. Well, Ford Pro software can provide a connected digital ecosystem! It uses data to integrate vehicles, telematics, charging and servicing. Into a powerful, user-friendly, productivity-boosting platform.

Therefore all fleets using the Ford Pro system can benefit from powerful Ford Pro Telematics software. Helping to optimise the management of their fleet of Ford connected commercial vehicles. As the software will turn the Ford-grade vehicle data into useful insights. Alerts designed to simplify fleet management! Including real-time vehicle location, health alerts and driver monitoring to support compliance and training.


If your fleet is to switch to an all-electric commercial vehicle fleet. You will benefit from the tailored features of Ford Pro ETelematics for one year for E-Transit customers as a complementary offering. The live data will deliver features to support the effective and intuitive use of Ford Pro Charging. Such as charging status, vehicle and vehicle-specific state of charge. Plus any remaining range with customisable Low Range alert thresholds. Furthermore, before a shift the ETransit battery can can also cool and warm up. This is thanks to the Scheduled PreConditioning to save time and conserve battery energy for optimum range.

Ford Pro has a functionality called the Ford Pro Telematic’s multi-make. It allows fleets to manage their Ford and non-Ford vehicles using a plug-in connected to the non-Ford vehicles.

While the Ford Pro Software can also help leasing companies. Also large fleets with proprietary and existing telematics solutions. The Ford Data Services provides them with secure, Ford-Grade vehicles data. Via the Transportation Mobility Cloud to deliver the insights they need for best management. Furthermore, if you are an owner-operator or a manager of five vehicles or fewer, you can benefit from the complimentary FordPass Pro smartphone app. It can help to manage the fleet if you don’t have full-time fleet managers to get the best from the vehicles.

Full-service support with Ford Pro Charging 

FordPro Charging will help offer a fully integrated, business-focused charging system for fleets. Helping to define the most-effective charging strategies. While introducing future-proof solutions for European businesses.

Every depot is different! So a specialist charging consultant in key markets will help customers identify the best charging solution. Ford Pro Charging will offer an unmatched service which will compromise hardware installation. Management software solutions that seamlessly work with the E-Transit. While built-in connectivity will help the system detect potential problems before customers are aware of them.

While these fleets allow their drivers to take their vehicles home, there is a solution. Ford Pro Charging will simplify wall box installation and administration. However, most operators will only use public charging as a last resort to recharge their vehicles while at work. Ford Pro Charging will offer access to over 300,000 chargers and centralised billing for ease and flexibility.

Service accelerates uptime

Downtime is the third highest cost for fleets after fuel and deprecation. Ford Pro Service is a critical element of the Ford Pro ecosystem. Delivering maximum uptime by linking connected vehicle data and an unparalleled dealer network to help keep customers moving.

The European support network has 800 Transit Centre workshops. Ford Pro is ready for the electric era, as it has one thousand five hundred EV-certified dealers across Europe. While there are over four thousand, five hundred Authorised Repairers that all have the ETransit service capability.

Better yet, Ford Pro is customer-focused. There is a fleet of Mobile Service fans which deliver servicing at a time and location of convenience for businesses. The Mobile Services already operate in the UK. It will be launching in Germany and roll out support to customers in other markets. These Mobile Service vans deliver up to 70% of service and repair work. Including work on other brands’ vehicles. Therefore helping to maximise convenience and productivity. While removing the downtime and cost of taking fleet vehicles to workshops. 

That’s not all! Ford Pro Service’s FORDLiive is a connected uptime system which helps transform the productivity of commercial vehicle customers. It is an always-on relationship with customers and uses real-time vehicle data to connect customers and vehicles with dealers. Also helps them to stay connected to Ford Pro expertise, delivering fewer breakdowns and fewer trips to dealers.


FORDLiive launched in March 2021 and has helped create almost 125,000 days of additional vehicle availability across Europe. While it pushes to deliver 100% operating uptime. Ford Pro projections show that FORDLiive can reduce downtime by up to 60% for businesses.

So, there are over 620,000 Ford connected commercial vehicles which are already in operation across Europe. Customers can access the FORDLiive service free of charge by activating their vehicle’s FordPass Connect modem and enrolling in a Ford Pro Software package.

While also delivering vehicle health alerts directly to customers via the Ford Pro software. The FORDLiive system enables Transit Centre workshops to use customer vehicle data. As it helps to reduce the turnaround times via faster diagnosis. Proactive parts ordering and scheduling support to increase workshop bay availability. There are over 100 FORDLiive Uptime Agents that work from dedicated uptime centres in Germany, Spain and the UK. Also, helping to manage and maintain cases and respond to emerging issues. While there are more centres planned to open in Hungary and Sweden this year.

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