Lego Technic Car

LEGO do the IMPOSSIBLE?! The LEGO Technic Car

A week ago, Lego seemingly teased something that nobody could ever think could become reality. But we all imagined as a kid. a LEGO Technic Car. Who in their right mind would want to build a LEGO Technic Car? Think of all the intricacies that it will need. The moving parts. Not forgetting an engine?

Well LEGO have built a whole city in Windsor, producing a car is nothing short of impossible for them. While many of us remain skeptical it certainly seems that way. Afterall, LEGO got us thinking after a rather teasing tweet last week:

LEGO are teasing a working proper car that’s in similar shape to a Bugatti Chiron. Looking at the pieces it seems as though they’re the correct size. LEGO do make some spectacular creations so it’s not too far outside the realms of possibility for them.

Using the hashtag #BuildForReal, LEGO are putting a lot on the line here. Even if it’s just a marketing stunt, by saying ‘For Real’ it gets people expecting and can’t be letting people down!

However….it seems as though LEGO are proving everybody wrong…..

It looks like they have done the impossible, well hats off to them, because it certainly got us interested! It was a very long week waiting for LEGO reveal, what they had actually created. Many thought it was just a 1:1 replica. But they proved us wrong, they proved everyone wrong! It really is a LEGO Technic Car!

Nothing is impossible with Lego Technic! LEGO have once again gone above and beyond to amaze us all. We are seriously impressed.


Now, let’s just go and dig out our LEGO Technic and see what we can come up with…..

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