Ockel Sirius B – A Tiny Supercomputer!

Computers are getting seriously fast these days. Also they’re getting seriously small! Hence it’s appropriate to be excited about the Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry. We think that this little device is absolutely incredible!

The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry will turn any television or computer monitor into a smart media powerhouse. Access Netflix or listen to your favourite artists with the on board 64gigs of flash storage. Also check out your holiday snaps from a Micro SD card from the expandable storage. Connect to the Wifi and use the USB ports to connect a keyboard and mouse and you have got a fully functioning Windows 10 PC! As the Ockel Sirius B doesn’t have any moving parts and the device itself has a passive heat sink, this little device is as silent as it is cool!

Ockel Sirius B – POWER!

Since this little rocket has 4gb of RAM built in the Ockel Sirius B supports many of the most popular games on the market today, just simply download them off of the Windows 10 game store!

Since the Ockel Sirius B weighs 153 grams is incredibly portable! Be that on the commute or simply to put in a pocket on the way to a business meeting. All that you require is a keyboard, HDMI monitor and mouse and your destination. So no more needing to carry your laptop and AC cord anymore!


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