MOSO Shoe Purifiers – Kill the odour!

Do you or someone that you know suffer from smelly feet? Does the smell affect your home, your rooms, gym bags or even your suitcase? Well there is a solution for the poor odour that is affecting your sight of smell! These are MOSO Shoe Purifiers, they act as a way to maintain fresh dry and odor free shoes!

Firstly place the MOSO Shoe Purifiers (Or deodorizers) inside the affected shoes and leave them overnight. To wake up to a smelly odour free, beautiful smelling room (and shoes for that matter) If you do decide to purchase the MOSO Shoe Purifiers: leave them outside in the sun for an hour. Since the bags are required to rejuvenate to perform. So if you do this on a consistent basis after use and look after your MOSO Bags, they will live up to 2 years!

What’s inside the MOSO Shoe Purifiers?

The MOSO bags are natural and include powerful odour killing ingredient, moso bamboo charcoal, protecting clothing, skin and surfaces. Furthermore it is safe to be keep the item around animals and humans as they product is free of any chemicals or toxins.

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