Disc Golf

Disc Golf – A unique, exciting sport!

Disc Golf is a sport that requires a player to throw a frisbee into a target at a distance in front of them. Most of all the rules of Disc Golf is similar to golf and played on courses of 9 or 18 holes or targets. As a result, players throw frisbees from a tee towards a target in the distance. Throwing multiple times once the frisbee has landed and so forth until the player reaches the target. Therefore as with golf, the player with the lowest number of throws wins the hole.

Disc Golf – The Courses

With 35,600 members of the PDGA worldwide, Disc Golf isn’t as niche as you think!

Average courses range from 200-240ft per hole. Courses are harder to complete with obstacles put in players way. Including many trees, bushes, elevation changes and out of bounds zones amongst others. Also to not drive players of different ability levels, many courses include various tee and target positions.

Played in more natural and less cleaned environments Disc Golf is different to the clean cut Golfing environment. Since safety is paramount to course designers to minimize the risk of being hit by a disc!

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