Yu Gi Oh

Microsoft Hololens bringing Yu Gi Oh to real life!

Yu Gi Oh In Real Life!

Yu Gi Oh is about to invade our lives, our real lives and it’s all thanks to Microsoft Hololens!

Yu-Gi-Oh! in Augmented Reality

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Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Yu Gi Oh is entering the world of AR and trying to knock Pokemon Go off of its perch. So Yu Gi Oh in augmented reality makes perfect sense! Since the anime series had players who’s cards used holograms to bring it’s duels to life. Therefore the logical next best step is to introduce this feature and step it up a level and bring the cards into the world of Augemented and virtual reality!

A fan of the anime series, a developer has created a game for the upcoming Microsoft hololens! Bringing the world of Yu Gi Oh into the world that we live in today. A player puts on the hololens and he puts a card up in front of the device and a monster appears!

Since the game follows the same format as the regular card game, so think of it as the regular card game but enhanced with the 21st technology of Augmented reality. Bringing to life everyone’s imagination right in front of their eyes! Futhermore users can use their voice to control the cards and the action!

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