Tinder 2 second videos

This may be the best thing that Tinder have done, or the worst thing they’ve done. Tinder have announced that coming to their dating apps are a ‘looping image’ (basically looping videos)  feature that will allow users to share short 2 second videos of what they love doing.

However, as with all new technology, it may, well, will, be put to ‘uses’ – But maybe the big wigs at Tinder were aware that the ‘looping video’ feature will spawn a ton of helicopter d*ck videos?

The new ‘looping videos’ moving profile image, (much like those available on Facebook) help, as Tinder announced, show more personality. In an effort to get more right swipes. (or helicopter D*ck)

Looping Videos: Advice

But the dating app have offered advice to their users. Explaining ways in which they can show off their habits, roller skating, you could show off going up and down the rink. Football, kicking the perfect penalty. Or if you’re a dancer, maybe showing off your best robot skills?! Bungee jumper? Show off, jumping off a high cliff? Whatever people do, I’m sure people will find super creative ways to use this feature. As with Vine (ok it was 7 seconds and not 20 but the internet is creative and intelligent, so we may see some pretty cool stuff!

Even though there may be a chance that there’s going to be a ton of helicopters about, there are ways to report an account that does so. So, there may not be as many flying D*cks about as you once thought!

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