Four of the best apps to help you save money

Even if you’re rubbish with money!

If you’re bad at saving then these 5 app could be the answer to your savings prayers – they might even help you out of your overdraft:

1.   Chip:

Chip has a clever algorithm that monitors how much money you can afford to save by Looking at your every-day spending over a week.

That amount is then automatically moved into a read-only savings account that you can access at a later date.

2.   Folio:

Folio is basically the opposite to Chip.

Rather than the app automatically move money over to a savings account, Folio aims to help teach a generation of people how to save.

3.   Quidco

This isn’t actually a savings app – instead it can help you save you money on essentials – and luxuries.

The app has a varied range of retailers – more than 4,300 in total – which offer cashback on a range of products and services from car insurance and phone tariffs to clothes and takeaways.

4.   Monzo

Monzo is a banking app that offers an entirely separate (contactless) bank card that can be topped up from your regular account.

The app provides instant balance updates every single time you make a purchase.

It also allows users to set up various spending budgets for groceries, transport, entertainment and other categories.