Go-IN the movies!?



I know what you’re thinking boys, but not THOSE movies. 😉

Augmented Reality is going to be huge according to John Gaeta the creative director of ILMxLab an immersive entertainment-focused company — showing off its insane capabilities at Sundance Film Festivals experimental New Frontier Exhibit showing off “Holo Cinema” Think “Obi Wan you’re my only hope” but bigger. It’s an AR installation that places viewers within the sandy world of Episode VII’s Jakku.

The technology relies on a pair of lightweight, sensor-laden active shutter glasses. These glasses, in combination with a motion-capture system which are used to track positioning, let viewers watch the inhabitants of Jakku via hologram.

The company is already at work on consumer-facing projects that could accompany the studio’s next blockbuster films. So when Episode VIII of Star Wars hits theaters, according to Gaeta, there’s a very good chance it’ll arrive with a Holo-Cinema version that you’d pay through the nose to go see. But lets face it you definitely would. Look how cool it is!