HP VR Backpack

There’s a backpack that will help you get the training you need on the job!

HP are launching the Z VR backpack that’s designed for professionals on the job, creatives, or soldiers who want to train on a virtual battlefield (and we’re not talking call of duty here) The backpack is incredibly powerful packing , vPro-enabled quad Core i& and a Quadro P5200 graphics card card with 16gb of video memory! It works primarily with HTC Vive Business edition, but you don’t have to use it with it, if your company uses Oculus Rift then it will play nicely.

HP are partnering with a bunch of companies to create a Mars Home Planet Project that focuses on VR for around the world collaboration to create infrastructure that will build a strong colony, from building massive structures to designing clothing. The sense is to give a user what it’d be like to live on mars. The sense of this ‘game’ is to give the users a sense of how powerful the backpack is and the uses that your company could use this for, such as designing a car or planning architecture, either in the same building or around the world.