Uber Self Driving Cars


Originally Uber had self driving cars in San Francisco, California. Until there was some legal trouble and the California Department of Motor Vehicles banned them from San Fran – now Uber have moved their self driving cars pilot scheme to Arizona.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey flirted with Uber on Social media stating that: “California may not want you; but AZ does!”

Although California has banned them – the DMV have asked Uber to apply for a registration for autonomous vehicle testing, saying that it has a dedicated team to help expedite the process for them. The company spoke of the ban and argued that it behaved differently than Tesla, as they produce electric cars which include an autopilot feature. So didn’t apply for a license for California’s autonomous driving rules as their cars require oversight by a human driver. 

The California vehicle code defines an autonomous vehicle as  – “technology that has the capability to drive a vehicle without the active physical control or monitoring by a human operator.” – California’s DMV rules in state that a human driver is required to take control of autonomous vehicles

Companies are required to file reports when drivers intercede or their cars crash. Tesla doesn’t file any such reports and similarly believes it doesn’t meet the requirements for autonomous vehicles.

Uber also operates self driving cars in Pittsburgh, California was the second state in which the pilot program began.

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