Fifa 17!

Fifa is BACK! In a big big way too, introducing the new Frostbite engine, bringing new graphics and realism to faces and environments. Frostbite is shown off with the “Journey” mode which allows you to take control of Alex Hunter where your decisions determine where you go in the game and in your life on and off the pitch as a footballer. Experience never before seen environments in Fifa games, such as match day tunnels, Locker Rooms, Manager’s office and even the team plane!

Not only that there is a complete overhaul in the way that players move and think on the pitch, interacting with other players physically and execute more intricate attacks together.

Funk Butcher really enjoyed the game, he even ran home from the show last week to get his hands on the demo. Even saying that they are leaps and strides ahead of Pro Evolution Soccer, so it has the Butcher sign of approval!
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To listen to Funk’s detailed breakdown of his experience with Fifa, please click here!