Who Sampled!

As DJ’s a lot of the guys often find themselves asking “what track is that” or “Who sampled that” well that question is no longer needed to be asked as we have found a really cool app that does all that for you it’s called “WhoSampled”

With this app you are able to discover what a track is and who sampled it. You can scan your own Apple Music/Spotify and iTunes libraries for lists of samples, covers and remixes all within the app.

The app then pulls up a lot of information on the tracks for example:

Where was this song sampled?

Who covered my favorite artists?

What remixes were made for this track?

The best music discovery tool for all DJ’s out there or anyone who is deep into music!

The app even has a “Now Playing” feature if you’re on iOS allows you to switch from your music player to WhoSampled to discover all the musical connections for the song you’re listening to.

To download Who Sampled please click here Apple / Android

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!