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Dark matter discovery

New map reveals more detail about dark matter

There has been an age old question that no one has been able to answer yet  – ‘what is dark matter made of?’

New research might be closer to the answer as new images help scientists understand what dark matter is made from and learn more about another mysterious phenomenon called dark energy.

The subject matter for many science fiction films and TV series over the past 5 decades, we might be a step closer to getting to the bottom of dark matter…

According to Professor Ofer Lahav of University College London (UCL) the map would provide new insights into how the Universe operates and he explained: “Once we have the full survey, 300 million galaxies and a thousand supernovae, we may be providing input for a new Einstein to tell us what does it all mean – why is the Universe made the way it is?”

Broadband is to be beamed to every corner of the earth from space

The internet is for everyone

As part of a project launched by Airbus and OneWeb more than 2000 satellites will be launched into space in an attempt to provide every school in the world with an internet connection.

The launch will happen in April next year and will aim to get 600 satellites into space by 2022.

The satellites will be built in Toulouse and Florida, this is the only project of its kind to date and will revolutionise the education system in countries that had previously lacked in this resource.

Astronaut in Space

How to Drink Coffee in Space

NASA astronaut sucks on balls to get his caffeine fix.

It is crucial to stay awake when on a mission in space, so drinking coffee is no brainer, except when you can’t actually drink it as you’re in zero gravity.

Air Force Colonel and ISS (international space station) crew member Jack Fischer came up with a genius idea to turn his coffee into balls, which can be dehydrated and easily transported. Now, whenever he needs a pick-me-up, he just sucks on some balls.

Moon Delivery

Jeff Bezos’ (Amazon Boss) Blue Origin (Amazon’s Spaceflight company) plan to develop a spacecraft called Blue Moon, to launch an Amazon like service to deliver the equipment needed to establish human settlements on the moon by the mid 2020’s, with the craft apparently carrying up to 10,000lbs of cargo.

Blue Origin has experience launching its own “New Shepard” rockets into space, the Blue Moon is apparently similar and will launch vertically and land on the moon’s south pole, as it has continuous sunlight which the spacecraft’s solar panels will utilise, this side of the moon is also rich in water, which the Blue Moon would transform into rocket fuel.

Bezos hopes the mission will launch in 2020, but only with the help of NASA.

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NASA Space Suit

There are brand new space suits for astronauts flying NASA Missions on Boeing’s Starliner! They are really fashionable and come with a decent set of integrated shoe’s (Which look like trainers too!) It’s lighter and a lot more comfortable spacesuits than previous suits! Plus they:

  • Are tailored for each astronaut.
  • Helmet and visor incorporated into the suit instead of detachable
  • Come equipped with gloves for modern touch screens.
  • Can be pressurised in an emergency.
  • Protect Astronauts better in an emergency.
  • Protect Astronauts in launch, in flight and on return!
  • weighs about 20 pounds – about 10 pounds lighter than the launch-and-entry suits worn by space shuttle astronauts.
  • The material lets water vapor pass out of the suit and away from the astronaut but keeps air inside. Making it cooler and safe.

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