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Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night 2017

AMC’s The Walking Dead x Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Fright Night at Thorpe Park is back and this time it has been overran by Zombies from AMC’s The Walking Dead! Thorpe Park has teamed up with AMC to bring you right into the heart of the Walking Dead universe right in the heart of Thorpe Park to celebrate Halloween – only at night of course as “The Island Changes After Dark” – although some rides start transforming and become Zombified from 3pm. The real experience starts after it gets dark!

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night


The Park transforms once darkness arrives, however there are some rides that are exclusive for the month of Fright Night. Two rides are brand new for 2017 and are Incredibly Scary!  Whilst there are several rides that are returning just for Fright Night, so if you missed them, you can get a second chance at survival!!

Brand New for 2017

Living Nightmare

This ride, or should we say nightmare, really is one of the most exciting mazes we have ever done here at How To Kill An Hour. Long time listeners will know that we love a Zombie or two. Hence this maze is no different. Lucille is on the way and your at the mercy of Negan from The Walking Dead, be careful though as one wrong turn in the maze and it’s game over for you and your friends.



This maze is similar to The Living Nightmare but your mission is to get to the sanctuary along with the survivors. Make sure you get your way through the maze, avoid any confrontation with the Zombies and just hope that it wasn’t a trap. Get through the compound, taking on the roaming walkers. So, to be safe, don’t get caught.

Returning Rides

Platform 15, the hugely popular Saw MazeContainment and one of our favourites from the night Big Top.  All return to scare the hell out of you this halloween. Big Top’s a carnival that has been overran by the undead Zombified. What’s scarier than a Zombie? A Zombie Clown. Didn’t think of that one did you?! It’s very impressive that Thorpe Park built a huge carnival in the middle of the park for Fright Night. It’s scary but very impressive, the team were lucky they didn’t get caught!

We arent giving away too much of our time there as it’s one of those things that you have to experience in person. Reading doesn’t do it enough justice. Fright Nights are an experience that requires you to be there to fully immerse and understand the feeling of the whole experience. It’ll ruin the surprise and secrecy of the whole night. Finally, be prepared to bring along with you an extra pair of trousers. You’re going to need them!

We loved being terrified during our stay and we fully recommend that you check it out for yourselves.

So, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train Rise of the Demon


Take your one way ticket on a horrifying journey into the chilling depths of the unknown. With intense live action and thrilling physical effects, the grasp of the Demon awaits.
Are you brave enough to come face to face with the Demon as it rises from the darkness?

This attraction is not suitable for those under the age of 13, those who suffer from motion sickness, dizziness, psychological or neurological disorders. 


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