Moov Now!

We love apps and gadgets/technology to help us get healthier and fitter and we have come across something really cool, the Moov Now! A wearable sports fitness band much like FitBit or Apple Watch but what makes this so unique is that it is a “multi-sport wearable coach, that talks to you as you work out” how cool is that!?

How does this work I hear you ask, well we shall tell you:  (Pulled from Moov Now’s website)

“Land softer!”
Moov watches out for you to minimize injuries.
“Bounce. Guard.
Moov guides you.
You can’t improve what you can’t measure.
Motivation at a glance.
As well as talking to you as you work out the Moov Now also has plenty of features to help you with your workout and track your health utilising the Moov’s 9-axis Omni Motion™ sensor it captures alot of your movement which is why it can tell you so precisely what you need to do next or what you need to stop doing to help make you become a better healthier person. For example by monitoring your form the Moov Now is able to monitor your form and landing impact and range of motion to minimize injury.
To listen to the guys talking about the Moov Now please click here!

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Price: £50+