Episode 247 – Boosted Boards

How smart will AI become?

Andrew Ng has likened Artificial Intelligence to be as important to us as electricity in the years to come, as crazy as that sounds, our ancestors probably thought the same as electricity.

Our work life will be different and AI will be far more competitive than any human, it will require us to sharpen up our mental skills!

Whilst experts believe that we will still be required to do jobs that are very important and carry a lot of weight to it, just because robots/AI don’t have the same emotional attachment/engagement than that of a human. Whilst the challenge for us would be because we as humans like to seek confirmation and things that confirm what we think of ourselves. Thus holding us back. To over come this would require us to take the things w take for granted like thinking and listening to a new level.

Thus in time, our definition of “smart” (good grades) will begin to change. Smart will become the people who make the least amount of mistakes in life.

AI is incredible in that sense as we cannot do things quicker/recall information/produce alternative occurrences of an event than a super computer or any time of AI, it’s just too good.

A new definition of smart will promote a new way of thinking, it won’t be what you know, but it will be how good your skills are. Quantity of knowledge replaced by quality. Thus, in turn, forcing us to get better at cognitive and emotional skills. Adjusting after mistakes, learn emotional intelligence, letting go of the ego. Making us perceive reality a lot easier and not what we want it to be. Embracing what it means to be human, in turn, living alongside smart technology.


Singhsburys becomes Morrisinghs

Singhsbury’s has had to change it’s name after being threatened legally to Morrisinghs.

Sainsbury’s had threatened Jel Singh Nagra with court action if he hadn’t changed it when asked.

However, many of the people the West Allotment area of North Tyneside have said that they’lll still refer to his shop as “Singhsburys”

Jel, is not worried about the same legal ramifications from Morrisons, but won’t be surprised if he gets another legal notice.

Yet a Morrisons spokesman said:

“Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well,”

Do you prefer Morrisinghs or Singhsburys?

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite powered by Unreal Engine 4 has a demo available on PS4/Xbox One, it’s story driven and a lot of fun! With the full game available in September, some are worried the multiplayer aspect of the game will be stable with previous games from Capcom, Street Fighter V, struggling with the server load at launch.

With that said, the demo is incredibly fun and has all the aspects you’d expect from a Marvel vs Capcom game, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 19.

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Spiderman PS4 Exclusive!

Sony showed off their super cool Marvels Spider-Man exclusive PS4 game at E3 and we cannot wait to try it out, check out more information below:

Marvel’s: Spider-Man is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 console. It will be the first licensed game developed by Insomniac. The game will tell a new story about Spider-Man and is not tied to a film or comic book. The game will cover both the Peter Parker and Spider-Man aspects of the character and will feature a more experienced Spider-Man.


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UK hacker exploits online bank loophole to steal £100,000

A UK hacker has been jailed for stealing almost £100,000 from a bank by exploiting a bug in the bank’s online banking system

A young man from the UK , James Ejankowski, defrauded a bank group of more than £99,000 in December 2016 – he spent the money on a Range Rover, a BMW and… tattoos for his face.

He lied to his family saying he’s won the money on a scratch card, but in reality he had found a loophole in the system; Ejankowski, discovered that if he used the Clydesdale Bank’s online banking software to transfer theoretical funds between his current account and his savings account between midnight and 01:00, the transaction would work and the bank would not find out.

Four weeks after he began stealing the funds, he turned himself in to the police on Boxing Day and made a full admission of guilt, saying he only had £40 left.

The bank has so far been able to recover £34,000 and Ejankowski has been sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment for fraud.

Periscope lets you buy and send Super Hearts that broadcasters can cash in

Periscope has a new revenue stream

Periscope (owned by Twitter) has a new way to attract the best new content and also help you make some money along the way – this week it launched it’s ‘Super Hearts’ feature which allows users in-app purchases to buy the Super Hearts.

The Super Hearts can be sent to the creators of the content through the comment reel and then they (the creators) can redeem these with Twitter on a monthly basis.

Twitter takes 30% of the revenue and the creator/user gets the remaining 70%.

This gifting process seems to be inspired by the trend in China where users buy digital roses or stickers to send to broadcasters – essentially an in-app tipping service!

This is only available in the US at the moment but Periscope hope to extend this to everyone soon.

To download Periscope please click here: Apple / Android

The Baggizmo Wiseward is more than a wallet

Baggizmo wallet houses lots of gadgetry

The wallet has a perfectly flat folder design, built in motion sensor and even a UV light built in so you can test currency for authenticity.

It’s also available in multiple colours and has several features including a customisable internal LED light.

The wallet was originally called Wiseward and featured on Kickstarter – it raised an impressive $18,000.

When used with the app specially built for the wallet you can use find a lost wallet by geolocation, proximity detection, fall detection, detection of the wallet’s position in the room and the sound alarm signaling that the wallet has been lost or stolen.

If you’re prone to losing your wallet – this might be a sound investment!

You can pre-order one here



Snapchat launches location sharing feature Snap Map

Snapchat’s next big feature wants to get you to meet up with friends in real life


‘Snap Map’ shares your current location – which appears to your friends on a map and updates when you open snapchat.

This feature was possible as snapchat secretly bought the map app ‘Zenly’ for between $250-$350 million.

The feature allows you to share your location with all your friends, a few friends or you can select ‘Ghost Mode’ which allows you to keep your location secret.

Alternatively location sharing is turned off by default.

To access Snap Map, pinch on the Snapchat home screen and then you can scroll around, seeing where your friends are! Tapping on their Bitmoji avatar opens their story or you can message them directly from here. Snapchat has an “ActionMoji” which is determined by your location and time of day!

You can see where Snaps are being sent to Snapchat for thier “Our Story” by the heat colours on the app, which could indicate events or activities that are underway.

Will this breathe new life into Snapchat and take it’s crown back from Instagram? Only time will tell.
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How technology is giving hope to millions of African children who have never been to school.

Kakuma Refugee Secondary School, which gives hope for the future.

The Instant Network Schools programme, which is part of ongoing initiatives by the Vodafone Foundation are expanding to help more than five million children in sub-Saharan Africa who are marginalised and excluded from traditional education.

The Foundation supplies devices, data and tablet-based teaching programs and online education across Kenya and Somalia as well as other African countries and is working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide both primary and high school education to children in refugee camps.

Beyond the educational programme in the camps, children and teachers will now be provided with access to online learning materials with zero data charges to encourage maximum use of the online lessons through a new Instant Schools for Africa initiative.