UK hacker exploits online bank loophole to steal £100,000

A UK hacker has been jailed for stealing almost £100,000 from a bank by exploiting a bug in the bank’s online banking system

A young man from the UK , James Ejankowski, defrauded a bank group of more than £99,000 in December 2016 – he spent the money on a Range Rover, a BMW and… tattoos for his face.

He lied to his family saying he’s won the money on a scratch card, but in reality he had found a loophole in the system; Ejankowski, discovered that if he used the Clydesdale Bank’s online banking software to transfer theoretical funds between his current account and his savings account between midnight and 01:00, the transaction would work and the bank would not find out.

Four weeks after he began stealing the funds, he turned himself in to the police on Boxing Day and made a full admission of guilt, saying he only had £40 left.

The bank has so far been able to recover £34,000 and Ejankowski has been sentenced to 16 months’ imprisonment for fraud.

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