The Boys

The Boys – Superhero Police

A massive comic book is due to be turned into an even bigger Tv show. Exclusively on Amazon Prime, the comic book, ‘The Boys’ is being made into a live action series. Starring actors such as Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Jennifer Esposito. While, behind the scenes too, the comic book series boasts some heavyweight Hollywood talent. With the creators being credited as Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg.

The comic book ‘The Boys’ is by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and is based on real world likeness of superheroes. What would life be like, if there were superheroes? That question is tackled in a realistic manner, as if people did have super-powers. As a result of those super-powers, even the good guys would do some bad things. This is where “The Boys” come in.

“The Boys” are a group of superhero police who police the superheroes and make sure they’re behaving. Making sure that the superheroes of town, make sure that they tow the line. Furthermore, keeping them on the straight and narrow, making sure that they don’t embrace the darker side of their new found massive celebrity and fame. “The Boys” are a superpower CIA squad, tasked with seeking out the corrupt heroes. (wiki)

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Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2: Episodic masterpiece

Life Is Strange 2 is an award winning episodic video game from Square Enix and is a continuation of the incredibly popular and succesful video game series Life Is Strange!

The game is a long awaited sequel from game developers DONTNOD Entertainment. It features the lives of two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz. They are forced to run away from their home in Seattle. Following the consequences fo a tragic incident. Furthermore they head to Mexico, to get away from it all. While hiding a sudden, yet, mysterious supernatural power.

Sean becomes responsible for his much younger brother. Life on the road is tough for him, as he begins to realise, his decisions will impact the lives of whom he comes in contact with forever.

(Life Is Strange)

Play Through

As Scroobius pip stated in his play through with us. Life Is Strange 2 is not an all out action game that will have you constantly on the move. It is a movie like game that requires you to make decisions throughout the game via a multi-choice screen. The choices you make will alter the path you take along the way. However, even the small, seemingly mundane choices have huge consequences later on down the line. It is a lot like a movie, a movie that you can control. We certainly had a lot of fun playing it and we’re sure that you will to!

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Episode 299 Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill Pt. 2

Episode 298 Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill Pt.1

Netflix on Sky

Netflix On Sky: More content, Save Money

Netflix on Sky is finally happening! If you are a Sky Q customer you can sign up to a new service. A service called ‘Ultimate On Demand’. It will feature Sky’s existing catch up and box set services, plus Netflix!

Netflix on Sky will cost an extra £10 a month if you want to join. But you’ll recieve all of Sky’s ‘On Demand’ stuff as well. Like Netflix’s £10 package you’ll also be able to stream Ultra HD content up to four concurrent screens. However, if you only have Sky Q’s Entertainment subscription, you’ll only receive the standard Netflix plan. No 4K content and 2 screens, this will cost the regular £7.99

If you already have both Netflix and Sky you can merge or move your subscription into one. You can simply sign into Sky Q’s own Netflix app. This will help many users who have Netflix and Sky as by amalgamating the services it means you don’t have to load up two separate apps. Nor do you have to have a smart telly or any other type of device that has Netflix on it. Plus if you have both services you will have a lot more content to pick from! Save a bit of money (If you were paying for both already) and get tons more content as well! What’s not to lose!

There’s no date for when Netflix will land on Sky Q just yet, but it’s “soon”. Customers can register their interest on the Sky website.


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Number Plated Bikes

Number Plated Bikes

So, it looks like Number Plated Bikes may become a thing. We mean bicycles not motor bikes if anyone was wondering. Thats what one South London school is implementing to curb bad cycling by their students

Stanley Park High in Carshalton has banned students from cycling to and from school unless they have number plates. Yes Number Plated Bikes. The reason? So people can snitch on bad cycling behaviour from their students. They can report irresponsible cycling that “endangers themselves and others”.

The school’s official statment says that the move is to ensure student safety. Number Plated Bikes will come into effect on October 1st. However, Duncan Dollimore from Cycling UK has asked why the school are making cycling more difficult. Stating that it could have a negative impact on the number of children who ride their bikes to school.

“They should be looking to make active journeys easier and more attractive. Worryingly, this behaviour seems to be part of a trend of head teachers trespassing on parental responsibilities.”

Cycling UK have called on schools to work with their local councils to implement a 20mph speed around schools. As well as traffic calming measures.


Number Plated Bikes: Have a point?

While this does sound silly, do the school have a point? I mean there has always been that thought could a bike set off a speed camera. Yet, if they do, they won’t get fined as there is no plate. However, if a car does it, it gets fined. So why should cyclists get different treatment to other road users. Bikes could be dangerous and can cause serious harm, so could the school have a point? Or are they over stepping the mark, as it’s outside of school?

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Black Mirror Nosedive

Black Mirror Nosedive: The reality

Remember that article we wrote about Black Mirror Nosedive episode? The one where citizens rank each other based on behaviour. Well, there’s an update. In the original article, it may have become a reality. Well it’s looking more and more likely now.

Here’s what Nosedive is all about:

According to ABC Chinese citizens will soon be ranked out of 800. This number can be raised by doing community work or buying Chinese products.

Commit Fraud or smoke in non-smoking areas, buy stuff that government doesn’t approve of and your number will decrease. Things the government doesn’t approve of is stuff like alcohol and violent video games.  If you have a high score however you will be treated to VIP treatment at airports, have your deposits waived when hiring a car. You’ll even be fast tracked to top universities or land a better job apparently.

Low score citizens will get some harsh punishments such as being banned from travelling or applying for government jobs. You’ll even receive a negative score on your credit, even restrict access to high speed travel as well!

Successful Trials of “Black Mirror Nosedive”

The Black Mirror Nosedive type scheme has already been implemented successfully in a number of trials in  China.

The scheme will make use of smart phones, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and geo-tracking. So quite a lot of tracking! Your score will be combined alongside the data that the government already holds on you. Such as financial, medical and educational history.

While ABC are reporting that the scheme may be up and running by 2020. The China communist party allegedly states that it will allow ‘‘the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step’.

What’s scary is that CBS News spoke to a Chinese journalist, who stated that he was barred form booking a flight because he was ‘untrustworthy’. The government ordered him to apologise, he did, but it was deemed insincere. So his score unfortunately didn’t rise. He told them that

I can’t buy property. My child can’t go to a private school. You feel you’re being controlled by the list all the time.”


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