RODE Rodecaster Pro Podcast Studio

The RØDECaster™ Pro is the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio and we absolutely ADORE it! It is so good! If you are a podcaster the Rode RODECaster Pro, is the podcast production studio that you need!

There’s a total of 4 high quality (and we mean HIGH quality) microphone channels available to you. The device will also power studio condenser microphones. Alongside regular dynamic microphones. Automatically connect microphones for all users and set the levels automatically. Plus there’s one touch recording to a micro SD card. You can also record audio from USB, Bluetooth and a TRRS cable!

Furthermore you’re able to record directly into your audio program of choice such as Adobe Audition or Logic. You may also record (via an update) either via multitrack (which allows the device to record each channel individually) or as a stereo mix (which records all channels as 1) Though, with the Rode RODECaster Pro, you’ll be up and recording within minutes of getting this fantastic device out of the box.

Sound Effects and Jingles

The RØDECaster Pro comes with eight programmable sound effects pads, allowing you to get creative with your podcasts. If you’ve listened to How To Kill An Hour lately you’ll be able to see how we’ve integrated these into the show. They’re sounding so good! Instantly trigger sound effects, music, jingles, ads, whatever you want really! It’s perfect for stepping up your game. Even record audio directly into the programmable pads via any of the inputs. While you can also put the audio in the conventional drag and drop way via the supplied software. Plus, change the colours of the pads easily to differentiate which pad is which piece of audio.

Phone calls

Connect via Bluetooth or a TRRS cable and the Rode RODECaster Pro automatically provides ‘mix-minus’ to prevent audio to be heard by the caller. Telephone calls for us got so much easier!






Class A Servo-biased Preamps

The RODECaster Pro has pristine preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry which is found in broadcast centres around the world. The Class A preamps provide a very clean gain structure with very low levels of distortion. Making for an incredible clean and low-noise signal. In layman’s terms, you’re going to sound very very good!  The Preamps are also servo-biased, which therefore keeps distortion levels low. .

APHEX® On board

The processors on board are APHEX Aural Exciter™ and APHEX Big Bottom™. Which you can find in the settings tab on the RODECaster Pro, your podcasts and audio recordings will therefore be rich and warm. Other processing features available to you are multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

Overall we are very much in love with the RODECaster Pro, it is a stellar piece of software and we cannot wait to see how creative we can get!


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OAP’s need lovin’ too!

Valentien’s Day 2020 has been and gone, but did you ever think about intimacy for the older generation of Britain? The over 60’s. According to a recent study, the over 60’s, the OAP’s, due to health problems are often left frustrated.

There’s a list of problems that prevent some OAP’s making love. Such as Trouble with joints (17%), being too tired (22%) and erectile dysfunction (22%). This according to a survey of 2,000 over-55s conducted for health supplement company FutureYou Cambridge.

3/4 if those surveyed said that their love lives can also be affected by age related issues. Such as creaky knees and arthritis. While 2/3 of people heading towards retirement say that they’re still sexually active now and then but aren’t able to get jiggy with it as much as they want to.

While the study of over 1,000 people over 55 with arthritis, also found that 1/4 of Britains 10M arthritis sufferers said they too have less sex than they used to.

Furthermore over half (57%) of OAP’s say they exercise less, 54% say that it affects their sleep and over a quarter (28%) socialise less. Nearly half (46%) say that it has a negative impact on relationships and 26% are having less sex.

Taking action

Sex therapist Kate Taylor says:

“Intimacy is really important. Regular sex gives your physical health a giant boost. Regular lovemaking lowers stress, strengthens your immune system, builds muscle strength, and has even been shown to improve memory!”

The survey discovered that 20% were seeking medication.

According to the research by FutureYoU Cambridge, 12% avoid taking medication. Such as painkillers as they’re afraid of the side effects and addiction. Furthermore nearly half say they look to avoid taking over the counter pain relief. 27% of those surveyed say they have not found medication that works for them.

47% of OAP’s are open to trying other remedies such as food based or herbal based remedies. While 23% have considered using tumeric. Despite significant research demonstrating evidence of its anti-inflammatory properties.

What is tumeric?

Turmeric is a plant that has been used for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine. It’s known to contain a powerful active ingredient, of curcumin. Which has many anti-inflammatory properties. 

Inflammation is one of the symptoms of arthritis. FutureYou Cambridge have patented and created a supplement. It’s called Tumeric+. Tumeric+ is 30x more absorbable than standard tumeric. Due to the curcumin being combined with soy lecithin and also incorporates other micronutrients ingredients.

Pain expert Dr Nicholas Shenker, consultant rheumatologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, said:

“Curcumin is poorly absorbed in the gut. FutureYou Turmeric+ combines curcumin with lecithin to prevent it being destroyed in the stomach. This allows it to be absorbed and distributed around the body and could help those suffering with arthritis.’

For more information on the health benefits of turmeric, click here!

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Valentine’s Day Woes

So it seems like us Brits are falling out of love with Valentine’s Day. We’re apparently sick of cliches and cheesy PDA’s. Also the pressure to make expensive soppy gestures is putting us all off. This, according to leading dating app, Happn.

Their research has found that 7/10 Brits claim that Valentine’s day is a waste of money. While 4/10 say it’s an excuse so card companies can make money.

1/3 say the cost of February 14th is a turn off, while 28% say it’s the social pressure to be romantic on the 14th is a turn off. Furthermore others (23%) didn’t like people bragging on social media about their partner showering them with gifts and pampering. 18% of those surveyed didn’t like cheesy marriage proposals, 17% didn’t enjoy “couples only” deals in bars and restaurants, 15% disliked PDA’s and 12% hated the added pressure from their partner to be romantic.

It’s a love–hate relationship

However, despite all this 66% of men in relationships and 61% of women enjoy celebrating their relationship on Valentine’s Day. 31% of men like being felt loved and feeling romantic. Whilst 23% of women felt the same. Yet 27% of men only celebrate to avoid upsetting their partner.

Guys splash the cash and say they need romance too

30% of men and 35% of women think it should be equal responsibility to create the romance and cover the cost. Yet according to the study from Happn, men typically spend twice as much, £115 compared to £64

Furthermore women are more likely than men to consider Valentine’s as a rip off, 48% compared to 38%. While 11% of men surveyed said they’d love to receive flowers. While 69% of women said they’d never consider giving them.

Despite all this, both men and women are more or less indifferent when veoting gifting things for the 14th February. As 39% of those surveyed said they don’t want to receive anything. Other things men and women agree on is that 19% of those surveyed said the perfect way to celebrate is dinner and drinks.

Seeing through the “showmances”

23% of men plan to post about their Valentine’s gift on socials compared to 13% of women. Despire 23% of Brits believing social posts are all for show.

Shy singletons keep their crushes under wraps

Singleton’s tend to treat Valentine’s as another day as only 13% are planning to send their crush a card, 8% flowers, and 68% are planning to do nothing at all. Whilst men are more likely than women to brave a first date on Valentine’s Day. (43% vs 28%)

New romantics under pressure

While those in a brand new relationship claim that Valentine’s puts pressure on the relationship. 35% of those seeing someone for less than 6 months claim there’s added pressure. Yet we are more likely to splash out in the early days of a relationship, 43% of those who are in one for less than a year say that they plan to spend £101+ on a new partner. Whilst compared to the average of £63 on those who’ve been together for more than a decade.

“While the study might make gloomy reading for die-hard romantics, the numbers do suggest that love is important 365 days of the year and people don’t want the excuse or pressure to show their feelings on one single day in the calendar.  Societal pressure can leave singletons feeling less self-worth, which is adding to this Valentine’s Day backlash.  This year, forget the hearts and flowers, and whether you’re with a partner or a hopeful romantic, don’t forget to look after the most important love of your life – yourself.” Head of Trends at happn, Marine Ravinet

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346 Valentines is coming w/Funk Butcher

Table Manners – The Valentines Game

Table Manners Review

Table Manners is here to ruin your date! (In a good way)This new quirky game is described as a crazy physics based dating sim. Even the most simplest of tasks become very difficult and you end up causing such a mess! Though if your date is having fun, what's the problem eh?Curve Digital

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Thursday, 13 February 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to play a Valentines Day game! (Maybe this one is just for all the singeltons out there) However, if you aren’t single this game is still LOADS of fun to play! Table Manners is here to ruin your date! (In a good way)

This new quirky game may look VR but it is NON VR based and is described as a crazy physics based dating sim. Table Manners is the game where you secure the date and head off to the most glamorous restaurant ever. However, you’re a disembodied hand with a slight knack for catastrophe.

Even the most simplest of tasks become very difficult and you end up causing such a mess! Though if your date is having fun, what’s the problem eh?

The physics is what makes this game, the most simplest of tasks such as pouring some wine become very difficult, but again in a good way. It makes things a challenge and you’ve got to make sure your date is happy first and foremost!

There’s loads of different levels too, such as restaurantes, ice bars and sushi bars. The physics and gameplay mechanics will change too depending on what level you are on. So make sure you impress your date in each one! Get a better reputation and unlock more and more potential dates. However, as you do so the challenges and dating scenarios, the difficulty will increase! You can even customise your hand, with tattoos and accessories, nothing else though, because you’re a hand. Just a hand.

As the physics are a lot of fun, expect there to be a domino effect type problems along the way, things will get from bad to worse very quick and it’s up to you to fix it to improve that first impression!

However, as with the physics are already difficult, we’ve heard there’s a zero-gravity level!

We had lots of fun playing this game and we’re sure you’re going to love it too, not too sure if your date will be impressed though….


Purchase Table Manners here!

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review – Is it worth an hour?

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Is it worth an hour?

Welcome to How To Kill An Hour, this is Worth An Hour, the show where we take a look at your favourite games and ask are they worth an hour of your time? In this week’s episode we’re taking a look at Rebellion ZombieArmy 4: Dead War!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 11 February 2020

In this episode of Worth An Hour we’re taking a look at Zombie Army 4: Dead War!

Hitler’s hordes are back for more in this spine-chilling shooter from the makers of Sniper Elite 4! Abominable occult enemies, epic weapons and a harrowing new campaign for 1-4 players await in 1940s Europe, as you fight to save humankind from undead Armageddon!


First up is the graphics:

This game looks FANTASTIC, the graphics are crisp, beautiful and gritty. The levels look very realistic and really bring a sense of Zombie devastation to life. You can really imagine what it must smell like.

Which brings me on to the blood in this game. There’s lots of it. This game is not for the faint hearted, your innocent grandma or kids. Bodies explode, heads disintegrate and limbs get torn to smithereens.

It’s gorey, sticky and absolutely amazing. Just what you want from a Zombie game.

Sounds Design

The sound design is brilliantly done, each of the guns sound brutal, especially the chain gun, a lot of fun to use mowing down hordes of zombies with that!

Plus the special moves sound even better, such as the slowing down of time to get juuuust the right shot on, really makes you feel as if time is slowing down.

Zombies sound just how you’d expect them too, with an added umph, just to make you feel a little bit uneasy. This is especially true in level 2 with the sacrifice it just sounds scary, makes you feel very uneasy!

The X-Ray sounds are just as gruesome, you hear every flesh wound, every organ squish and every skull crack. You seriously see yourself sitting there going – cooooor in that type of amazement where you don’t wanna watch but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

The character quips in the game are also there, as with many Rebellion games, the voice acting is incredible and there funny one liners are there too! Stand still for too long and the characters will give you a funny quip to get a move on!


Last up is gameplay

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is split up into 3 different modes, campaign, weekly events and horde.


Horde is very very fun, you take on a horde of zombies in waves, and as with many Rebellion games, the level gets bigger as you progress further into the waves, and as you do so, so do the difficulty and the amount of zombies increases.

But what I especially liked is the fact that you have to conserve ammo! There’s ammo crates that you always have to run back to when you run out of ammo, this makes it a little bit more realistic and that much more challenging!

I got to try it in single player mode and multiplayer mode, unfortunately i didn’t get to play it with a full squad as I was playing a review copy of the game but I image how much fun this game will be with 4 people as I really enjoyed it with just 2!


You can upgrade your guns to make taking down the enemies that much easier and there’s special moves which will help you out of a hole if you need it. Such as the brain buster for the pistol. Slow down time, pick your targets and then take them out. These can be upgraded as you progress through the game to kill more enemies.

Or slow down time with a rifle and pick your perfect spot!

Epic Melee’s are LOTS of fun too! These can also be changed, I got to have a go of the machete and electric fist.

Or get Get 10 melee kills and you get something called an epic take down. These are short cut scenes which show BRUTAL takedowns which change depending on what you have in your hand. Stomp on some heads, execute some zombie ass and that’s just two choices!


The game is also very quirky throughout the different levels there’s different little things you can interact with that can make you laugh. Such as using a typewriter, washing your hands, use a vending machine or even play draughts!

X-Ray kills are also back! These kills are epic, if you time things just right, the game will go into a cut scene and follow the bullet into the enemy…..showing you everything! However I managed to shoot someone in the d**k. Twice.

However, on the third attempt I got a head shot!

The Zombies

The zombie’s themselves aren’t no pushover….in a crowd of them anyway….you’ll soon find yourself getting surrounded and eventually dying, so make your shots in a tactical manner! You can run away from them but they’ll always find a way to find you!

The bosses even more so, they just won’t leave you alone! There’s always a specific way to kill a zombie boss, the two I’ve tried, I had to shoot something on their back, and they have heavy guns too. Defeat them. You get the gun. Just got to defeat them first.

Throughout the levels there’s various different tasks you got to complete too, it’s not as simple as going from A to B. Which I love! I had to get fuel for a boat, cogs for a bridge mechanism all the while avoiding getting eaten by Zombies. Did I mention you only get to use your handgun whilst carrying things? – Yeah, that makes it 10 times as harder. Good luck.

Stomping on Zombie corpses allows you to get various different pick ups such as ammo or health, which is vital in this game! Always carry a medi pack!


You get various different perks in the game such as the offensive which allow you to (review footage here) and the defensive which one of them allows you a second chance at life. Get ‘killed’ and then you stay on the ground for a while, shoot and kill a zombie and you get a second chance at life. You got lucky….only once though. Die again and that’s it you’re done. Sorry.

Finally you get ranked throughout the game, that’s throughout horde, campaign and weekly events. Increase your rank, increase your upgrade points to upgrade your guns, unlock various perks and then upgrade the perks as you rank up too!


The two campaign levels I played were very very good. The first level was ok, I see that more of a introductory level to how the game is and the game mechanics, as boy oh boy did things go up a notch in level 2. I was dying so much. My health was depleted and I had no midi-kits rookie mistake. So ended up just running away from them for the most part and then turning back to shoot the horde of Zombies chasing me.

The 2nd level had this crazy zombie shark too which was something to behold, although I didn’t want to wait around too long to see if it would come back and bite my ass.

The story is great and the characters keep you entertained and interested in where things are going throughout, definitely worth having a play through, especially with some friends!

Weekly Events

These are a beautiful twist on the Zombie Army 4: Dead War campaign. The weekly event that I played had various different tasks to complete. One of them was complete the first campaign level only using a rifle and a pistol. This made things very difficult! But I loved the twist on it and it brought an extra layer of replay-ability to it.

Just another way to keep things fresh and I loved it!

I’m really looking forward to the different weekly events that Rebellion are going to put on, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on them as it keeps things fresh and alive – unlike most things in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Overall thoughts

In conclusion this game is TONS of fun, I mean I only played it briefly with 4 people and that was very enjoyable. Get 3 other friends involved and you got a party on your hands.

Zombie Army 4:Dead War is without doubt one of THE BEST zombie games I have played in YEARS! Hats off to rebellion for creating a stellar multiplayer game that doesn’t get stale or boring or repetitive. There’s a reason why Rebellion are renowned for creating great shooting games and great zombie games at that.

I really really enjoyed it and cannot wait to see how much I can upgrade my character and their weapons.

Gonna have to pick up a squad now and go kick some zombie ass!

Pick it up and play it for many many hour, you won’t regret it!

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Netflix Price Changes

Netflix are reportedly testing a really low new price plan. Furthermore it’s cheaper than the current basic package! However, as always with news too good to be true, there’s a small catch.

The new price plan would only be available on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The price? £2.99 per month which is a £5.99 per month saving on the current basic package. While it’s an £8.99 saving per month on the standard package.

So this new mobile price plan is rather appealing to commuters and those always on the go, who want to catch the latest The Witcher episode or Ozark or even a bit of Stranger Things.

As Netflix trialed the mobile price plan in Malaysia, India and Indonesia at the end of 2019, it may soon make its mark in other territories.

In an ever changing world where many young people have a smartphone but not a TV, the option to have a cheap unlimited video streaming service may be an attractive one.

So, if Netflix’s continued trials are a success, they may look to launch it elsewhere!

‘In Q4, we launched a mobile-only plan in Malaysia and Indonesia (which we introduced to India in Q3 last year),’ the streaming giant said in a letter sent to shareholders.

‘We’ve seen similar results with this plan driving incremental subscriber growth and improving retention.

We expect the mobile-only plan to be revenue-positive which will allow us to further invest in content to be enjoyed by our members and continue to feed the virtuous cycle. We plan to continue to test adding this plan, as well as additional ideas in other countries around the world.’

For £2.99 you’re only getting standard definition however. Though is high def, that much of a difference on such a small screen. For basically £3 a month, you can’t complain!


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Apple have been slapped with a £25M fine for slowing down older iPhones deliberately! The fine was given to them by France’s competition and fraud watchdog DGCCRF as they said that consumers were not warned.

In 2017 Apple did confirm that they slowed down older iPhones to prolong the lives of the devices. Apple said in a statement that it had resolved the issue with the watchdog.

Why did Apple slow down old iPhones?

While many consumers had long suspected that Apple were slowing down their older iPhones in an attempt to encourage upgrades, it was never confirmed unti 2017. Though Apple said that they did it to help consumers devices run better and prolong the lives of them.

The tech giant said that the lithium-ion batteries in the devices became less capable of supplying the growing demands of the phones newer software as they aged.

It could result in an iPhone unexpectedly shutting down to protect itself. So they released an update for the iPhone 6, 6s and SE which smoothed out performance.

The practice was confirmed again after a customer shared performance tests on reddit. Showing their older iPhone 6S had slowed down considerably as it aged. Yet once the battery had been replaced it sped up.


DGCCRF said that iPhone owners  “were not informed that installing iOS updates (10.2.1 and 11.2) could slow down their devices”.

So, as part of the agreement, Apple must display a notice on its French-language website for a month.

They said that Apple had “committed the crime of deceptive commercial practice by omission” and the tech giant agreed to pay the fine.

Does it still happen?

Yes. Since the 2017 fix the software battery smoothing out process has been implemented it on several more iPhones including:

  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7 and 7 Plus
  • 8 and 8 Plus running iOS 12.1 or higher
  • X running iOS 12.1 or higher
  • XS, XS Max and XR running iOS 13.1 or higher

The setting for these phones is only enabled once the battery begins to degrade. The iOS software now shows clear information to consumers when performance management has been enabled.

“The effects of performance management on these newer models may be less noticeable due to their more advanced hardware and software design,” Apple said.

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Fifa Ultimate Team Gambling?

Fifa Ultimate Team can be argued that it’s a form of gambling. To be honest, they would probably be right. You buy packs and you don’t know what’s in them, you get a bad pack, so you buy more packs. The cycle repeats itself.

It’s unregulated gambling and the Belgian Game Commission called it illegal. Now two French lawyers are looking to file two separate lawsuits against EA in France. They claim that FIFA features gambling mechanics.

A quote from 2 lawyers shows how loot boxes are perceived in Europe| Source: Kotaku

EA have allegedly referred to them as “surprise mechanics” which isn’t that what gambling is? The lawsuits are due to players who have spent over $650 on Ultimate Team. According to the clients of the lawsuits, they claim that it’s possible to spend excessive amounts of cash on the game. While not getting any decent players in return for what they’ve spent.

It can be argued that you can become addicted to opening backs and the randomness of what you get in them, combined with the fact you buy them with real money, makes it gambling.

So, is it a form of gambling? Should loot boxes style mechanics be banned?


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Important Safety Features Your Car Should Have

A car is one of the greatest assets you can ever own. It helps you move from one place to another efficiently. However, you should ensure that the car you purchase has advanced safety features. While all vehicles have some factory-fitted safety features, it is always advisable that you check all of them and buy a car that can protect you and your loved ones when the inevitable happens. Buckling a safety belt is not enough; the ideal car should be equipped with effective safety features. Some car owners overlook these features. Read on for significant safety features you should have.

Image via Shutterstock by Kittithat Senlai

6 Safety Features Your Car Should Have 


  • Airbags


Airbags are a common feature in most cars. These are crash sensors cleverly connected and sense any frontal collision. For years, they have saved lives but must be used with safety belts. They can cause death, especially if the driver and passengers have no safety belts on. It stays inflated and prevents the person involved in the crash from being ejected from the car in case it rolls


  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)


Antilock brakes prevent sliding in case of hard braking. The driver can still control the vehicle and prevent deadly crashes, which used to happen before the introduction of this advanced braking system. To activate the ABS, you have to step on the brake pedal hard, and it will be activated automatically.


  • Ability to detect blind spots


While you can check behind and on the sides using a mirror as you drive, there is no way you can tell what is ahead of you in a blind spot. However, some cars are fitted with blind-spot detectors that can pick what you cannot see. It warns you on time about an oncoming vehicle. It also senses cars that are close to the front side.


  • The rear view camera


The rearview camera enables you to see even the smallest things, including kids and animals that the mirrors may not see. This camera is essential and makes reversing or turning easy and safe.


  • Facial recognition


The facial recognition software is not common. It is found in the modern top of the range vehicles. This software keeps checking on the driver, and it raises the alarm when the driver stops paying attention. The warnings come like a buzzer, and it keeps you on your toes when on the road.


  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)


Every vehicle should have lower anchors and tethers for children. They allow easy installation of children’s seats. This system was invented and used in almost every car to enhance the security of children. All used cars on finance from ChooseMyCar have this safety feature, which secures your little one safely. When buying a car, this is an essential safety feature that the car you choose should have.

Bottom Line

Without a car, life would be difficult. You wouldn’t be able to reach your destination on time. However, when buying a car, you need to check all the above safety features. A car with more safety features and fun tech is not only safe to drive but also makes life easier for you.