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Twitter Conversations Subscription

Since Twitter rolled out a prototype app called Twttr, and other features which have been spotted in Twitter’s code. Such as a ‘Hide Tweet” button. Twitter also confirmed today that a feature will allow people to subscribe to an individual conversation. Without having to “like” or RT the tweet. It was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong,a […]

Apple March 25th Streaming Event – Surprise?

The Apple March 25th Streaming Event which many believe to be the birth of a long awaited video service. Which will be of a streaming service of some sort. However it may not be the typical Netflix type of subscription video service. But something else entirely different. If rumours are to be believed it may […]

Google Stadia: Netflix of Gaming?

Google have announced an unveiled a brand new gaming platform. Which is very different to what Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are offering right now. It’s called Stadia and the games will be streamed to you via an internet browser. Which are said to be better than console quality! Stadia is said to work on existing […]

Superhero Debt – Superhero Costings

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to be a Superhero? Well, there’s some data been collated and apparently it costs a lot! There’s a lot of money being spent and there’s some Superhero Debt! One interesting stat is that James Bond spends 18x his salary on booze, cars and gadgets each year. The […]

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship 2019

https://www.facebook.com/redbullmindgamers/videos/375761689684633/ The Red Bull Escape Room World Championship 2019 Finals are coming to London! From the 12th to the 13th of April the best teams from around the world (23 + 1 wildcard) will compete for the World Title in London. Plus they will get to play in a never seen before and exclusively designed […]

Samsung Galaxy S10: Get it at the right price!

First of all, as gadget lovers we all want the latest and greatest phone that’s out every year. While that may be the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Apple phone out later on this year. The phone’s available on offer are getting dearer and dearer though. www.CompareMyMobile.com, have listed ways in which give us, the punters […]

Lottery Winner: Would you go public?

Winning the lottery would be amazing wouldn’t it. A life free of financial worry, no need to care about if you’re going to make it to the end of the month. No need to not go somewhere to save some pennies. You can literally do anything you want. Money will solve a lot of problems. […]