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Yooka-Laylee: Your favourite platformer

This is a FUN game and if you loved Banjo Kazooie back in the day, you’ll love this! This is called Yooka-Laylee and it’s a colourful platformer that everyone will enjoy! Yooka-Laylee is a team of two mythical creatures that work together to complete tasks and move along the story! Special moves like Yooka’s tongue […]

Cambridge Analytica: How to (Part 2)

So, last week we said to you guys that you’d get a notification to tell you if you’d been sniped by Cambridge Analytica. Turns out, hardly anyone got that notification. However, there’s a way to see if you did actually were wrongly done by Cambridge Analytica. Therefore, simply click here! Cambridge Analytica: What next That’s […]

iTunes Gone?

Is iTunes dead? Who actually buys music anymore? Are Apple going to kill off iTunes? Or are they going to give it a slow death? Well there have been rumours that Apple are looking to kill off it’s music downloading service, iTunes, in favour of it’s music streaming service, Apple Music. These rumours were so […]

iPhone Battery: How to tell it’s lifespan

iPhone Battery health a step by step guide How to tell if your iPhone battery is in tip top condition: Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11.3 Open up settings on your iPhone and select “battery”                   Click in to here Within this menu you will see what […]

EGX Rezzed – All gamed out

EGX Rezzed We recently got the chance to attend London’s biggest gaming event: EGX Rezzed which ran between 13th-15th of April 2018 in Tobacco Dock, London. What is EGX Rezzed? Well EGX Rezzed is a video games event that’s the little brother of the guys who bring you EGX in Birmingham each year. The massive […]

Crazy China Facial Recognition

This is some CRAZY next level facial recognition technology coming right out of China. Once you hear about the lengths and levels of the facial recognition that China has at their ability you will be amazed! The Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to arrest someone – get this – in a crowd of […]

Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR

FoxNext VR studio have recently announced Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes. A VR game based on the Planet of The Apes saga! A first person action adventure game that’s available on all VR platforms from April 2018! Available April 3rd on, Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Crisis On The Planet Of […]

Philips OneBlade Body edition

So after Marcus quite famously shaved the wrong area of his body with the Philips OneBlade last time round (listen to that episode here!) Philips have released a body version of their very popular OneBlade shaver! (So, there’s no need for Marcus to keep using his OneBlade in the wrong part of his body now. […]

3Doodler Hex Bug

So, we handed the 3Doodler Hex Bug over to Producer Bill to test and you can check out how he got on with the, 3D Printing pen above! What is 3Doodler Hex Bug? The 3Doodler is already available on the market today, and it’s essentially a 3D printer in the form of a pen. By […]