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Printer Toner $126M Fraud!

Printer toner can get expensive, so you’d do anything to buy it at a rather cheap rate right? Well federal prosecutors for a $126M printer toner fraud say the sales pitch went like this. “The price of printer toner has gone up, but customers can lock in at the lower rate they’ve been paying for […]

Poly Network Reverse Hack

Poly Network were a part of one of the most bizarre hacks ever. Poly Network recently announced that a hacker had stolen around $600m worth of various cryptocurrencies. But they were soon returned. All of the stolen funds, save for assets frozen in the immediate aftermath of the hack. “At this point, all the user […]

California Streaming: Everything Apple Announced

Apple announced loads at their California Streaming event yesterday, so let’s start off from the top: California Streaming: Apple Fitness+ Guided Meditation Apple Fitnees+ is getting Guided Meditation. Building on the popularity of Mindful Cooldowns in Fitness+, Guided Meditation helps users develop a regular meditation routine. Therefore helping to improve their sense of well-being. Users […]

Ramon Sosa and his fake death….

A boxing coach named Ramon Sosa, From Houston, Texas, USA, faked his death in 2016, in order to get his wife, Lulu, put behind bars. It turned out that his ex tried to pay a hitman $2,000 to have him killed. Until Ramon Sosa foiled her plans. There was a red flag at their wedding […]

3 Tesla Features We’d Like To See In Other Electric Vehicles

Pexels – CC0 License It’s clear to see that Tesla is far and away the most innovative electric car brand, and for obvious reasons that you probably already know. Not only do they offer supreme handling and driving comfort, but a range of conveniences and features that some might even consider overkill. As the electric […]

Rode Wireless GO II

The Rode Wireless GO II is a fantastic microphone designed to help improve your audio at a fraction of the cost. It’s the world’s smallest and wireless microphone system. It even has a dual channel receiver and two transmitters. Wireless GO II builds on the groundwork that Wireless GO set and makes it even better. Such […]