This week Marcus got to test out Sugru, an extraordinary, amazing, incredible (do you know we like this stuff yet?) Moldable glue. Yes you read that correctly moldable.  It can stick permanently to stuff like ceramics, glass, metal and most plastics. All you got to do is push and mould it on to whatever it is you want to fix, build or stick together – all done it about 20mins or so and you’re done!

Then wait 24 hours and it turns from a moldable glue to a solid silicone rubber that stays stuck! (Just don’t mess around with it and remove it otherwise it becomes unstuck! There’s lots of properties it has too! Including, waterproof, flexible, heat/cold resistance, grippy and much more!


Sugru – Mouldable glue that turns into rubber!Music Credit: Mate Lyons – Instrumental Hip Hop

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 22 August 2017


To get your hands on some of your own Sugru Moldable Glue please click here!

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Your very own SnapChat Geo Filters!

SnapChat Geo Filters, you know those little overlays that you get on your SnapChats when you go somewhere? You get the speedometer, the clock, the temperature then the really cool ones that often highlight famous landmarks where you’re in. For example if you’re in London you’ll get a bike or at a famous football/sporting event you’ll get an overlay, UFC had one recently for McGregor vs Diaz 2. Well now you can create your own! There are a few rules and regulations that you have to follow, no logos unfortunately, so no How To Kill An Hour overlays for us! Boooo! Head on over  to SnapChat’s official geofilters site to learn more!

To Download Snapchat please click here! 

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Brik Book

We here at How To Kill An Hour – LOVE new and quirky gadgets & this week we checked out the Brik Book  a Lego compatible Macbook case (certain versions only) where you can customise and personalise your macbook to whatever design you want – with LEGO! You can choose from Grey, Clear or Blue, design kits available on Brik Books website or Brik Book 100 brick bags with colours of your own choice.

Check the video above to see Producer Billy’s experiences with the case and click here to hear him talk about it with the guys on the show.

Brik Book is available on Amazon in the Uk for £41.99 

Mothca iPhone Case

After smashing his iPhone, Marcus decided to purchase a brand new iPhone case and after some surfing on Amazon he came across an ultra thin iPhone case which really caught his eye. The Mothca iPhone 6 6S Case, Full Body Ultra Slim PC Hard Cover Case + Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3 in 1 Design Front Cover & Back Case  Its really thin! Only 1mm in thickness and covers the whole iPhone only leaving the headphone jack, home button, speakers and grills visible! So really does offer some really good protection while keeping in touch with the iPhone’s slick design. 

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Record Breaking Batman Cosplay!


Batman, Arkham version, Our favourite Comic Book Character has been brought to life in the form of a WORLD RECORD BREAKING COSPLAY SUIT.

Basically it is a bad ass Batman Suit, that blows all other Batman cosplay suits out of the water. Its so good it even could rival the movies. It has been entered into  Guinness World Record books for the most functional gadgets on a cosplay costume. It 23 working gadgets, including smoke spray, fire ball sprays, a bat signal torch, magnetic bat boomerangs, GPS! Bat claw – you name it he has it. Julian Checkley, sorry Batman is the don that made the suit that is based on the Arkham games. Julian is a Special Effects master by trade and spent 3 months making it. But I have done enough talking. Just watch the video above in awe.

If that isn’t enough, check this video out! 

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Kill A Bit: KeySmart

This device is a lil funky gadget designed to smartly store your keys, and WE LOVE IT. The swiss style key holder can fit up to 100 keys on it and much like in a swiss army knife are tucked away neatly in a compact and versatile holder. Just flick out the one that you want and flick it back when you are done, you can even hold up to 2 usb slots available from KeySmarts site and a loop to hold your car keys, because we don’t leave anyone out here at How To Kill An Hour!


Hear the guys talking about it episode 55 by clicking here!

PowerWall by Tesla

Here at How To Kill An Hour we came across this really cool new product from Tesla called the Powerwall What the Powerwall basically is, is a massive battery for your home. It’s automated and compact so it’s not an eye sore and is super easy to install. The Powerwall is really cool in that it charges using the electricity that is generated from solar panels or when utility rates are low and powers your home in the evening instead of the grid. It’s so powerful you can even go off the grid entirely! Saving yourself a few bucks in the process, all from the power of the SUN! It also acts as a back-up so if there is a power-cut you will know nothing about it because the Powerwall kicks in and allows you to keep on playing that COD marathon!

SWISSGEAR 15inch Notebook Bag!


Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Funk Butcher recently was on the hunt for a new durable bag and discovered the SWISSGEAR 15inch notebook bag. It’s hard wearing and really durable, and holds A LOT of stuff. Funk even said himself that it could hold roughly up to 2 weeks worth of clothing. Whether or not that holds true is up to you to decide, but it looks like it can hold A LOT of stuff:




It comes with and internal pocket includes special pouch to secure and hold a CD Player (who still uses those?) or an MP3 player with an external headphone port so it never has to leave your bag! Either way for £50 it looks like a great bargain!

Buy Now!

GameVice Fun!

Here at How To Kill An Hour we LOVE the GameVice gaming controller for iPhone 6! Just ask Funk Butcher! Some say he is still in the chair from 2 weeks ago and is STILL playing Final Fantasy 7! Gamevice is basically like your PS4 or Xbox One controller but for your iPhone or Idevice (Ipad Pro version coming soon!) It comes equipped with triggers, buttons and joysticks just like a home console controller! So no more greasy fingers on that nice retina screen of yours! Best of all it is completely lag free and connects simply via lightning, just plug and play! Download the GameVice Live app to see what games are compatible and away you go!

To hear more of our thoughts listen to EP 50 Leonardo-D*ck-Caprio or EP 52 Dildo Hoverboard!!!

Available now! (£79.95)

For more information please click here!


Playable DJ Pizza Boxes!

Pizza Hut is going to be your new food companion to the weekly pre-drinks all around the UK. Why I hear you ask? Well the fast food restaurant is launching a world first “The playable DJ Pizza Box” Yes you read that right, a playable DJ Pizza Box. PLAYABLE!! Pizza Hut have partnered with Novalia an electronics company that specialises in adding electronics to the surfaces that we touch on a day to day bases. On the pizza boxes to help you rave before the rave are images of turntables printed in conductive ink – it includes everything any budding DJ could ask for such as Mixer, Cross Fader, Two Decks and so much more (we’ll leave the rest for you to find out yourselves because we know you want to!) The box connects to your phone or laptop via bluetooth and even works with professional software like Serato!

They are very limited, so much so that only 5 will be given to 5 of their 350 restaurants that are spread across the UK. To find out where they are going to be available keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter account.

See below Rinse FM’s very own DJ Vectra giving it a spin: