Among Us Imposter: Top 10 Ways To Win

Among Us is taking the whole internet by storm and there’s plenty of Twitch Streams, Videos and meme’s online about this fantastic game. 

Among Us is classed as an online multiplayer social deduction game. It was developed by American game studio Innersloth and was released in June of 2018. Yes two years ago! The game has suddenly blown up thanks to gaming influencers playing it on Twitch and posting clips online. 

The game takes place in a space-themed settings in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crew Mates, and a predetermined number being Impostors, usually 1 or 2 but there can be more. 

To win as an imposter you have three choices, deceive your way to the end, kill everyone or successfully complete a sabotage. 

But here are 10 ways that you can win as an imposter, let us break them down for you:

#10 Among Us Imposter – Crowd Kill 

When people first become the imposter in among us they think that the only way to kill is the stealthy way…….you my dear friend are very very very…wrong! In fact in the right circumstances…the more people there are around you the easier it is to kill!

Often people will stand around in a crowd and on top of one another, one sneaky way to make a kill here is to join in with them. 

But don’t make the kill straight away, as that would be too obvious, wait a while and then shoot your shot, it will be very hard to determine who the killer was. 

Get everyone in a single spot early on in the game by sabotaging, this way everyone will go and fix whatever it is you broke. If someone doesn’t then that’s down to them and that’s just making them suspicious and that’s good news for you. 

Go into the same area and hang around for a bit and bada bing bada boom. You’re in the clear. 

#09 Among Us Imposter – “Helping”

Ideally you want everyone to vote each other out on their own. 

You want to build up as much credibility early on, too much chat and too little chat is both damaging, so just act normal. 

Covering for another player is a wise move so agree with other players that you saw them complete a task. This makes you seem trustworthy. This way the person you backed may back you later on down the line. 

Give yourself time by creating a tie between two players, not only will it give you another round but it will give the next round of meetings another go at arguing between who out of those two suspected players it is and you’re in the clear. 

#08 Among Us Imposter – Discussion

Not many people are aware but if one more kill will bring the number of cremates down to the same number as the imposters you will win. So if there is 3 left, 1 more kill and the imposter wins. 

So the way to win here is to sabotage as soon as possible, it will separate the two crewmembers. 

Kill one of them and you will win. It’s as simple as that. 

Not many people are aware of this, so just keep an eye on the number of people left. 

Experienced players will know of this and will call an emergency meeting as soon as possible, just make sure you get your sabotage in before they call their meeting as they can’t call a meeting if a sabotage is taking place! 

#07 Among Us Imposter – Conversation Skills

Stir the conversation in the right direction and don’t wait for things to go wrong. 

If you make a kill casually ask someone else where they came from or ask what tasks they completed. 

If an accusation is thrown someone else’s way, join in and push the conversation that way. Do whatever you can to try and get the heat off you. 

But what do you do if someone sees you make a kill?

Remain calm is what you do.

Just don’t flat out deny it as that makes you look suspicious. 

Either accuse them first or explain yourself before they get the chance. try and explain that maybe the two of you walked in on the body at the same time.  Just try and use questions that either put people off of you and on to someone else. Don’t panic and start shouting or repeating yourself or hesitating as you just seem more and more guilty. 

#06 Among Us Imposter – Fake Tasks correctly

We all know that only cremates can complete tasks. 

So faking tasks when players are near give you an alibi. 

Though this only works early on in the game as there are loads of players completing tasks. 

To fake a task the correct way, stand near where a task would usually be and wait  bit and watch the green bar go up in the top left hand side of the screen. 

Don’t pretend to complete tasks too early though as each tasks take different times to complete. Other members will know how long it takes to complete a task, too quick or too slow fake completing tasks will make you stick out like a sore thumb! You can’t fake visual tasks so avoid those. A visible task would be emptying the trash or a med scan for example. 

#05 Among Us Imposter – Cameras

Much like in our other video, the cameras on Skeld and Polus may be there to help both of you. 

While a camera that has a blinking red light means that you are being watched, could give you away whilst making a kill, it could also let you know someone is in there. 

One don’t make a kill whilst you know you are being watched but two as you know someone is watching why don’t you make a trip to security and make the kill? Or Even pretend to be a cremate and watch the cameras yourself.

#04 Among Us – Killing

Well yes this is obvious but there are ways to make a kill without getting caught. 

Be sneaky and hang back before killing someone. 

Use sabotage to split the group and kill either when people are on the way to correct the issue or when someone is correcting it. 

Have a follower and they won’t leave you a lone? Lead them to the corner of the map and make your kill and vent and just simply wait for the body to be found. Or run away and wait for the body to be found. 

#03 Among Us – Pretending

Simply stand still and wait. 

For the majority of the time people will think that you’re away from the game and leave you alone. 

So why not make a kill (when it’s safe to do so of course) and then return to being away. 

When there’s a meeting just ‘come back’ – make it believable, and ask what’s going on? 

You’ll be surprised at how often this works. 

#02 Among Us Imposter – Language 

Language is a wonderful thing and if used correctly can help you win. 

Among us is a game of survival so sometimes it takes a bit of brains to get your way to the end. 

Don’t go throwing around accusations as it will lead to you looking suspicious, especially if you have no proof or solid evidence to back it up with. 

Use vocabulary to your advantage, and start to insinuate things. Maybe you didn’t see blue running from the body but instead you thought you saw them. Maybe you were with green but didn’t see red with anyone. It’s subtle but it’s a great way to get the heat off of you. If you aren’t sure you’re never giving yourself away. 

One doth protest too much springs to mind here, and we all where that saying leads to eh?

#01 Among Us Imposter – Venting

Venting is a great way to win the game, just make sure you don’t get caught. Venting is the process whereby an imposter can jump inside vents that are placed around the level. 

A vent is usually found in industrial places like a warehouse or in this case a spaceship. They allow air, gas and or liquid to pass into our out of a confined space. Usually it is air or gas, and in this case as we are so small little aliens we get to hide in them! 

Venting is great for imposters as it will allow you to hide from crewmates after making a kill. If they can’t see you, they can’t blame you so use them wisely! 

Just don’t get caught jumping out of one too early or jumping into one because if you are caught, that’s it game over.


Because imposters are the only people who can vent, even if you didn’t kill anyone and you et caught venting, that’s it game over. You’ve been caught. 

However, despite this you may get caught and it not be game over.

Just don’t give up. You may get a chance to catch and kill the cremate before they trigger a meeting. 

You got to be quick but venting, is risky and a quick way to get a way. But you shouldn’t give up if you get caught!

So use this method to vent multi kill. 

Wait for your victim inside a vent. Kill. Sabotage. Jump back in. 

Then when the sabotage is fixed wait for someone to see the body and then kill them before they report. 

Extra Tip #01 – Sabotage

Sabotage is a great way to win the game on Among Us. 

Sabotaging is the process of damaging various areas of the map to help cause chaos in the game, it can be used to either help you win the game or to cause you to win the game, it just depends on what you are damaging. 

Cause a reactor to almost explode or cause the O2 to disintegrate are two ways that will help you win without killing anybody. Because well if the reactor goes, no one is left alive and if the O2 disintegrates then no one can breathe and you all die. 

There are ‘safe’ sabotages too such as the closing of doors and the turning off of the lights. Closing doors will allow you to trap crewmates inside a room allowing you to kill them without being seen or them running away. Turning off the lights will give you the safety of darkness to make a kill! 

You can use your sabotaging skills to lure people away from a crime scene and keep them from reporting a body too. 

Better yet if there is 3 people left and you are the imposter you can easily win, just set off the O2 and then go and kill one of them at one of the stations, as soon as you do you win! As if the number of crewmates is equal to the number of imposters you will win the game. 

Extra Tip #02 – Combinations

What better way to win as an imposter than to combine allll of these tips that we just gave you and made them into 1 for a perfect game plan, for the perfect murderous, villainous imposter!? Muahahahaa! – Ahem Sorry. Let’s get back to the list. 

So a great way to combine all of these would be to maybe do a sabotage and then combine this up with a vent kill. Sabotage the O2 and then boom kill and hide in the vent. Or, fake a task within a crowd and then kill so you’re hidden from view and then go ahead and stir up some mayhem in the chats…..muahahahaha! 


Sorry…..I’m nice really. 
So there we have it 10 ways to win at Among Us as the Imposter! What was your favourite method? How are you going to win the next time that you are the imposter!  Let us know via our socials, we’re @howtokillanhour across all socials! 

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