Among Us: Top 10 Ways To Win As A Crewmate

Among Us is taking the whole internet by storm and there’s plenty of Twitch Streams, Videos and meme’s online about this fantastic game.

Among Us is classed as an online multiplayer social deduction game. It was developed by American game studio Innersloth and was released in June of 2018. Yes two years ago! The game has suddenly blown up thanks to gaming influencers playing it on Twitch and posting clips online.

The game takes place in a space-themed settings in which players each take on one of two roles, most being Crew Mates, and a predetermined number being Impostors, usually 1 or 2 but there can be more.

How To Win As A Crewmate in Among Us!

As Crew Mates there’s two ways to win, you can either complete all of your tasks or using social deduction determine who the imposter is and vote them off.

There are a number of ways to win as a Crewmate and we’re gonna break them down for you:

10.Complete all your tasks

The most obvious one of the lot is to complete all of your tasks. If everyone complete’s all of their tasks the green bar at the top left hand side of the screen fills up and you win the game.

Nothing too fancy, but a simple way to win nonetheless

09 Suspicious Behaviour

Speaking of tasks, Imposters get their own set of tasks to blend in with the crowd. However, they are unable to officially complete any of them.

They are in fact faking their way through their tasks. So if you notice a crew member aimlessly bouncing around the rooms, make a not of who they are as they may be an imposter.

Try and keep an eye out for people who are following other people too. If you feel as though that someone is following someone a bit too much or are wandering around doing nothing, they may just be the one you’re looking for.

Challenge them about what they are doing in the next meeting or call one yourself if you are absolutely certain!

08. Discussion is important

Which brings us onto our next point.


Discussion is very important.

Discussions can be initiated when somebody reports finding a dead body or by someone hitting the emergency meeting button, which is located in the communal area when you spawn at the start the game.

At first glance discussions seem like very simple chat room where someone is blamed or called out their ‘sus’ behaviour which will no doubt get them ejected!

It is here where you will use your social skills to weed out any potential imposters, here are a few ways which you can do this.

Location! By gathering as much information out about other people’s whereabouts and challenge them on discrepancies is a challenging but great way to weed out liars.. Some people get caught up in their lies and may trip up revealing themselves as the murderous imposter. Some people may hesitate to answer whilst trying to remember their lies, another great tell revealing that  could be the imposter.

Or….the imposter could just remain really quiet and let everyone argue amongst themselves, so if you notice anyone being really quiet, ask them why! If they aren’t talking they aren’t helping. See how they react to the questioning, sometimes a little can say a lot!

Though this game is a tough game as the imposter may be talking too much as well!

It’s simple, just try and weed out those who are at either end of the spectrum, too much talking and too little talking are huge red flags….keep an eye out for them.

……oh and as a bonus note, remember what you do all the time, because you may get questioned yourself!


So to add to the discussion part, if you get a common task such as ‘insert keys’ on the Plus Level or ‘Swipe Card’ on Polus and Skeld, everyone will have it too.

Though if you don’t have one of those tasks no one else will have it.

So it is useful to know where the locations of common tasks are, so if you see someone completing a common task which you don’t have, then they are an imposter!

Challenge them in the discussion and ask them why they were completing a common task!

06 Process of elimination

This is both risky and intelligent.

Being a lone wolf can be suspicious even if you are just doing tasks. Who is there to vouch for you if you don’t walk around with someone?

So walk around with someone and it will limit the chance of being attacked by the imposter. The imposter won’t attack you if there is someone to witness it!

While it also gives you a chance to check out if the person you are with is actually doing tasks. So use this method at your own risk as you may be putting yourself in danger!

During the discussion period it gives you a chance to vouch for one another and it gives you proof of being where you were, where you say you were at the time of bodies being found or emergency meetings being called.


One sneaky way of winning as a crew member is the process of stacking. Imagine getting  two sheets of paper that are the same size and then placing one perfectly on top of the other. The two pieces of paper would appear to be a single sheet of paper.

Well the same can be done in among us, except this time you use the lil alien that you are controlling. And if done correctly is an absolutely awesome way to lure in and catch an imposter.

By aligning aligning yourself ‘inside’ ….wait that sounds wrong….by aligning yourself perfectly on top of another crew member, it look like you are a lone solo player.

If the imposter sees you and then decides to kill, they’ll only kill one of you, exposing who they are. The imposter!

While risky as it means that one of you will die, it certainly means that you will win the game!

There are some challenges with this technique that can make it a harder trick to pull off in a live game.

Stacking Issues

One issue is your name tags – some imposters rush straight in for the kill meaning they see a lone player and BOSH!…but a craftier imposter may take a moment to look at your name tag above your characters head. If you are stacked your name tags stack also which is a bit of a tell.

There was a special Unicode Character you could input instead of text that actually removed your characters name which was perfect for stacking but the developers removed the ability to do this with an update.

There is at the time of the making of this video  another workaround where you can input a unicode character that makes your name a single dot which is not perfect but should make stacking much harder to stop making the predator…..the prey!

04 Fixing Sabotages

The imposter can try and sabotage the game.

Sabotage is where they …literally sabotage some of the critical systems on the level pretty much forcing you to stop your regular tasks to fix it, because if they don’t the imposter wins.

by causing a reactor to explode or to turn off the Oxygen, while this will help them win, it also exposes them greatly.

Crew members are the only players in the game who can fix such issues.

So when they arise, everyone should be trying their best to fix the issues in the game, if you notice someone just standing around or wandering around and not trying to fix the sabotaged area, they may just be the imposter.

03 Fresh Kills

What people may not know is that when a body is killed the body will stay upright momentarily before falling over.

So if you walk past someone and then you see a body which is still standing up, that person who you just walked past may just be the imposter!

If the body is on the floor there is a small chance that the person you walked past may have just missed the body.

Though, like we said, if the body is still upright, there is a STRONG chance that they are the imposter!

02 Cameras

There are cameras on two of the levels in Among Us, Skeld and Polus. They will give information on where everyone is.

So make sure you tale a look at them as you may just catch a killer red handed or watch some suspicious behaviour and then call it out.

Quick tip, did you know that Imposters who have played the game for a while will notice the blinking light on the cameras when someone is watching.

If you think someone is about to make a kill, go off the cameras and then go back, to see a dead body,  if they were an imposter, you may have just caught them red handed!


Keep an eye on the vents, if you see someone venting, they are an imposter, only imposters can vent.

However, there is quite a sneaky way to check out if someone has vented.

On the Medbay in Skeld, a simple observation can help you spot the imposter.

If a cremate is coming back from the Medbay after completing a task, they’ll be facing towards their left. However, if an imposter is coming out of the Medbay after using a vent, they’ll be facing their right.

Such a small observation can help win the game!

Final Thoughts: Among Us

So there we have it 10 ways to win at Among Us as a Crewmember!

What was your favourite method to win in Among Us as a Crewmember?

Or do you have a tip for winning Among Us I haven’t covered here?

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