iPad Pro – A BEAST!

The iPad Pro is an amazing piece of tech, it’s a piece of glass and powerful than most PC Laptops! Plus it has Pro cameras that can create great imagery, you can also create on it with a pencil, keyboard and trackpad!


The display is a Liquid Retina Display and creates an immersive feeling. This is due to the features like Pro Motion, True Tone and industry leading colour accuracy. Making it both responsive and look great.


The cameras are fast and highly calibrated which make the iPad Pro feel uniquely capable. It has both a Wide and Ultra Wide camera on it making it perfect to frame a great photo or video. Coupled with the studio quality mics and four speaker audio you can create quite the filmmaking rig!

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is also on the iPad Pro. Helping to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. It was on NASA for Mars landing missions and now it’s in the iPad!

LiDAR can uses direct time of flight to measure light which is reflected from up to 5M away both indoors and out. It works at the photon level and operates at nanosecond speeds, which makes the iPad highly capable of creating fantastic augmented reality! It works with the pro cameras, motion sensors and frameworks within iPadOS to measure depth, helping to make augmented reality more believable! Placing an AR object is now instantaneous thanks to LiDAR. Allowing AR objects to pass in front of and behind real world objects.

You can shoot and edit in 4K Video and capture an entire room thanks to the Ultra Wide camera, even use Markup to redesign the shot on the spot. Or scan a document and mark it up with Apple Pencil and then send it back with a tap! The front facing TrueDepth Camera enables FaceID which allows for fantastic privacy options.


The A12Z Bionic Chip makes the iPad Pro faster than most PC Laptops available today. Making everything you do more fast and fluid, even with graphical intensive apps. The 8 core graphics processor means that you get even more performance and realism from apps and games.

A12Z Bionic is designed to be put to work. Even more so with Pro Apps. The 8-Core graphics processor will help deliver fluid workflows with 4K Editing and 3D design. Enhanced thermal design will mean higher peak and longer sustained performance. The Apple Designed Neural Engine enables on device machine learning as well.

iPadOS is designed to help harness this power, making every interaction snappy and smooth. Helping to move between apps smooth and effortless.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard allows for the best typing experience on an iPad, plys a trackpad will help open up new ways to work with iPadOS. It has a USB-C port for pass through charging, back and front protection and has a floating design, allowing yout o connect your iPad Pro easily and magnetically, while allowing you to adjust it for the perfect viewing angle.
The full size keyboard brings hard keys and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel for a great typing experience, the keys are even backlit!
The trackpad opens up a new way to work. It allows control of the new cursor in iPadOS. Helping with tasks like editing a spreadsheet or selecting text. Right from the trackpad. Furthermore it has multi-touch gestures allowing you to swipe to go home or between spaces.

Apple Pencil 2

iPad Pro
The Pencil has great tilt and pressure sensitivity, combined with low latency of the Apple Pencil 2, it will allow for all forms of expression. It also charges whilst magnetically attached to the iPad Pro.
Sketch ideas on the notes app like you do on paper, share them or add them to a presentation. You can even search your handwritten notes! Take a screenshot and even mark it up with your pencil. Scan a document and sign it with Apple Pencil and then send it away as a PDF, right on the iPad! Even draw directly in apps like Keynote! The iPad Pro can even transform your handwritten notes to text!

iPad Pro Lightweight!

The iPad Pro is really lightweight and able to fit into a backpack or on a table. Allowing you to take it anywhere and with 10hrs of battery life it will keep you going all day!

Who needs a laptop when you can print, project and send many fels wirelessly! Plus the USB C port allows you to connect anything from a camera to a external drive or even a display!

Even stream movies or music with the inbuilt WiFi. The iPad Pro is quickly becoming the perfect mobile workstation!

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