New Safety Car Features That Help Save Lives

Every day, a safety scenario happens on the roads; you might blink or take your eyes off the highway to fine-tune the AC, oblivious of the traffic jam ahead. And by the time you are alert, it is too late, and you have bumped into another car. It is a no-brainer that car safety features can help save lives. In the past few years, car manufactures have made great progress in developing safety systems to prevent collisions. Below are some of the newest car safety features:

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Rearview Camera

This is a small camera mounted behind a vehicle to help show the images behind it on the dashboard screen or the rearview mirror. This camera makes it easy to see objects or people that might be behind the car. This safety car feature is now a common addition to many vehicles.

This feature might include sounds or warning lights that will alert you whenever you are close to an object. The rearview camera can come in handy when you want to pack your car in a car garage.

Forward Collision Warning

This safety feature has been around for quite some time now. Researchers have proven that it has played a significant role in reducing the number of accidents on the road. There are many collision avoidance systems in the market; however, the most common involves auditory and visual alerts.

Some collision-avoidance system features can even apply brakes when it detects an object or person near the car.

Brake Assist Technology

This safety feature enhances your braking power just in case you don’t want to put too much pressure on the brake pedal to stop the car during an emergency. This system can detect when the driver is braking in a fright situation and applies more pressure. This braking system helps lower the chances of you ramming into the car in front of you.

Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning system is made to help avoid head-on-collision and other types of Collision. Cameras and sensors like radar or infrared are mounted all around the car to help determine the relative position of a vehicle on the lane. When you leave the lane, the system flashes a light and produces a high-pitched sound to alert you. Some warning signs can be a vibrating steering wheel.

Adaptive Headlights

This feature is currently available to high-end vehicles. The headlights are designed to project light where the driver is directing the steering wheel and react to varying conditions. The objective is to provide the driver with better visibility and enough time to respond to situations ahead of them. The headlight can automatically switch from high beams to low beams when in traffic.

Electronic Stability Control

For many years, electronic stability control has helped correct veering cars by applying brakes on particular wheels, giving the driver the chance to reclaim control over the vehicle.


Above are some important safety features your car should have; however, they should not be an excuse to take part in dangerous driving behaviors like distracted driving and fatigue. While the safety features are meant for safe driving, accidents can occur.