Giroptic IO HD 360

Giroptic iO, is a compact smartphone camera for shooting and sharing precious moments instantly over immersive 360° photos, videos and live streams (YouTube, Facebook…). GIROPTIC 360° proprietary real time image fusion technology unlocks smartphone’s superpowers: users can record experiences in a way that guarantees they won’t miss a thing, letting them see the world with new eyes. They can immerse themselves in the moment, interact in real time, live and relive the moment as if they were there.

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GoPro Fusion

The Palm-Sized Fusion 360 Camera Is Like Using Six GoPros!

The moment that we have all been waiting for.. GoPro have made a palm-sized 360 camera and they say that it is like using 6 GoPro’s at once! (How good is that?!)

The palm-sized shooter, which was initially unveiled in April, is the company’s first consumer 360-degree camera. It can take photos in 8K resolution and uses two spherical lenses to capture 360-degree material.

Design wise, the camera is coated in a rubber grip to ensure you don’t drop it, and comes with a little carry case to keep it safe.

Details on the Fusion are still sparse and GoPro hasn’t unveiled a price, but rival devices tend to retail for between $250 — $350.

More details to come soon!


Episode 233 Insta360 Nano

We got our hands on the new Lego Dimensions


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