Legendary Guy’s Night Ideas You Need

A night with the guys. It’s a night for fun, laughing, banter, and drinks, and it has to be one that everyone can remember. It doesn’t have to be a bachelor’s night out for single guys in your circle. You can invite all the guys and have a night to remember – no limits!


Men need a way to blow off some steam. So, whether one of you buys one of the many used Aston Martin cars for sale from Dick Lovett and pulls up ready for a road trip, or you simply need a day out at the golf to unwind and bond, we’ve got some legendary ideas that should make the cut. You need to go and have fun every now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the best guys’ night out ideas around.


At The Grill

You do not have to jaunt up and down the country to get a good night in with your friends. The summer looms ahead, so why not coordinate when everyone is free and book a date in the calendar so that you can come together and grill? A few steaks, cold beers, and damn tasty side dishes already make for a great night. Throw in a darts board, and you have a competition going!

Poker Night

We’ve picked poker specifically based on the fact that the game isn’t hard to learn, and you can play for dares or bets if you don’t want to play for cash. Put a ceiling on your buy-in, and you can all have a good time without going bankrupt. It’s a great way to test each other and challenge one another to win, and you also get the chance to win some cash! You can swap houses for hosting, and then when you get good at the game, hit up a casino and enjoy what they have to offer with much a bigger prize.

Movie Night – With A Twist!

Instead of heading to the movie theater and not talking to each other, why not put your own cinematic experience in the backyard? You can add a large white sheet and get a movie projector to project the latest and greatest action movies. Bring snacks and drinks, and get comfortable. There are so many options for movie night that you are spoilt for choice.

Sports Games

Are you basketball fans? Is there enough of you to be able to play football? Get a team together and add sports games to grill night. You can run up a little healthy competition and get together to trash talk the action one on one.

Road Trip

The ultimate guys’ night idea is the beginning of a road trip. Pick a night you can all leave and throw a dart at a map to hit the city you want to get to. This type of trip can be life-changing for you and your friends, and if you’ve already got the Aston Martin, you can travel in style!




Ortis Deley returned to the show recently and spoke to Marcus about an all manner of things tech and gadets, but, he also spoke to us about Glassmates! A brand new experience from Ortis himself and a couple of his friends Nigel and Jimmy.
With Glassmates you’re asked to experience an exploratory journey through alcohol! The Glassmates (Ortis, Nigel and Jimmy) seek to show people a better way to enjoy drink, regardless of their budget! The main aim is to simply improve the drinking experience for you, the consumer. For example, if you decide that you wish to drink a rum and coke. The Glassmates will guide you how to make the best rum and coke you can. Consequently the best rum to go with what mixer and even explain as to why no mixer may also be a good choice.
The Glassmates have a brand new experience that is coming soon that they wish to let you all know about! It’s called:

The Whiskey Experience

Throughout the day the Glassmates are hosting Whiskey Tasting Sessions. Each Glassmate is championing two whiskies to get your vote as the BEST whisky available! So you guessed it, you get the chance to test (and taste) SIX different whiskies! Furthermore each of the Glassmates will guide you through the tastes and nuances of their own whiskey.
Consequently at the end, if you’re still feeling thirsty, you can ask the bartender to make you your favourite whiskey cocktail from the experience.
You can buy your WHISKEY EXPERIENCE tickets online here

Flight Challenge

Much like the Whiskey Experience, each of the Glassmates have created a spirit based cocktail which again you’ll be able to taste and buy. Yet on this challenge each of the tastee’s will be given a voting card to vote for their favourite cocktail.

Find out more about the different types of Cocktails available to you here!

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Alcotraz: Hide Your Beer!

Marcus Bronzy recently attended Alcotraz pop up bar in London, the one place where you have to hide your beer! If you get found out by the guards there’s punishment!

This bar is a lot of fun, it’s definitely something different than what we have experienced before. It’s an immersive theatrical experience that gets you from the second that you arrive at the destination.

Alcotraz bar is inspired by Hollywood movies that have brought to life one of America’s most infamous prisons. Right in the heart of London. The bar is London’s very first immersive theatrical cocktail bar. It’s not an experience that stops once you get to the end, it’s a fully functional bar once it’s over. If you manage to escape the guards that is.

Alcotraz: Experience

Upon entering the venue you are given orange jumpsuits to get into the feel of Alcatraz. Then to get immersed further, you are thrown into real metallic cells. Making for an intimate place to perfectly enjoy a drink within an intimate environment.

When you’re sent to Alcotraz (or going there willingly) inmates (as you’re known) are sent into a world of exciting mischief as you smuggle in liquor. However, this is the liquor that will be used to make delicious cocktails, made entirely of your imagination! Why? As there isn’t a set of menus at Alcotraz, they’re all made up by the inmates!  Don’t forget this is a prison!

Alcotraz creates a range of tailored cocktails every night, it’s based on the liquor that is brought in by inmates. As well as your very own tastes. Again, just make sure that the warden doesn’t catch you! Don’t be too afraid though as there are some guards that are on the inside, on your side! They’ve got some creative ways of hiding contraband too, so take their advice!

 All in all, we had a very enjoyable experience whilst at Alcotraz. Not Alcatraz, we don’t wanna go there!

To attend Alcotraz bar please click here!

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London company offering 4 hangover days a year

Ever called a sickie for a hangover?

Well now you wont have to if you work for ‘Dice’ – Dice a ticketing app based in Shoreditch is allowing their employees to take up to 4 ‘hangover days’ every year.

The idea around this is to encourage staff to enjoy themselves experiencing the company’s culture of discovering new music at live events. There is a rule though, you have to send their manager via WhatsApp and send 3 emoji’s: (beer, music, sick), job done.

CEO & Founder of Dice, Phil Hutcheon said:

“All our team live for music and some of the best deals in the industry happen after a gig. We trust each other and want people to be open if they’re out late experiencing live music. There is no need for a fake sick bug.”

Fish sauced?

Goldfish turn to alcohol to survive icy winters

If you’ve ever wondered how fish survive the icy cold waters, then the answer is a little bit stranger than you think.

A goldfish might look like a simple being but actually their body has the ability to turn the lactic acid in their bodies into alcohol as a means of staying alive!

When scientists examined this phenomena they found the fish to have levels well above legal drink-driving limits in many countries.

This research might actually help with the study of how alcohol impacts humans and although scientists have known about this survival technique since the 80’s new research has shown molecular mechanism behind this ability, which can be useful on many different levels.

Alcohol Memory

Apparently, according to researchers, getting mildly drunk after studying appears to make you remember stuff better than if you weren’t getting tipsy.

University of Exeter carried out this amazing experiment on 88 lucky people whom identified themselves as social drinkers. They then undertook a word learning task and told to drink as much as they liked! The next day they were tested on the word test and they suprisingly were able to remember better than those who didn’t drink!

Exeter’s Professor Celia Morgan explained: “The leading explanation is that alcohol blocks the learning of new information and therefore the brain has more resources available to lay down other recently learned information into long-term memory. The theory is that the hippocampus – the brain area really important in memory – switches to ‘consolidating’ memories, transferring from short into longer-term memory.”

In simpler terms, your brain is preventing making new memories in order to store away the recent ones.

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The machine that could sell alcohol and ammo

Alcohol, ammo and weed on tap

A new vending machine could be on the American market soon. A vending machine fitted with biometric security has been developed which will be used to dispense a variety of restricted goods including alcohol, ammunition and cannabis.

The ‘secure’ device will use the customers veins in their fingers to identify if that person has the right to buy that product.

It will obviously only be available in states where it is legal to buy cannabis and several are already available in California.

A member of the Advisory board said although it’s gone through vigourous tests but as it’s connected to the internet it could still be vulnerable to hackers.

Concerns raised are: will there be a limit on how  much can you buy and who will be regulating this????

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Pico - Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Pico – Craft Beer Brewing Appliance

Fancy brewing your own beer from home? Well now you can!

Pico craft beer brewing appliance allows you to do exactly that!

Choose from hundreds of different ‘PicoPaks’ from your favourite award winning craft breweries around the world!

All it takes is a push of a button and you can create delicious craft beer!


To buy Pico click here!

F**k the Game

We played a really cool card game that plays a bit better if you’ve had a drink or two!

F**k. The Game is a hilarious new Aussie card game which will help you get smarter while swearing at your friends.


This is a great social card game that will f**k with your head by using a hysterically tricky combination of colours and swear words:

  • Players take turns to flip over a card and shout out what they see.
  • Depending on your card, you might say its background colour, its text colour or a swear word.
  • Keep playing until someone f**ks up and is forced to pick up all the cards.
  • The winner is the first player to get rid of their cards.

It sounds simple, but the cards use a psychological phenomenon – the Stroop effect – known to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response. Players can’t help but f**k up, sending the group into fits of laughter.
Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take the game to a whole new level with more rules, more strategy and you can even create your own rules.

To buy your own copy of F**k the game, please click here!

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