BeeLine is a simple navigation device that attaches to your bicycle, tell it where to go via the app, from there Beeline simply points you in the generatl direction that you need to go and tells you the distance to it, no instructions are given, much like a compass.

Leaving you to be stress free regarding navigation and just have a quick glance at the Beeline, leaving you to focus on the road and not street names or deciding if you’re actually meant to turn.

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Beeline smart navigation

Beeline – Smart Navigation

Powered by an app, Beeline is a smart compass. Meaning, rather than using your usual sat nav giving lots of confusing instructions, it simply tells you the direction and distance to your destination or next waypoint. You make the decisions.

Beeline includes special features including a speedometer, a clock and a battery readout.

The display is crisp clear, water and shock proof, prepared for any weather!

You can save your favourite destinations and journeys. Battery life lasts up to 30 hours!


Download the app for Apple and Android.

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