How to Kill an Hour (or five) as a Passenger

Have you got a big summer holiday planned? Many of us will be spending our summers in this country, driving to a coastal destination to enjoy time on the beach with our friends and family. Even if you are travelling abroad, you might be either doing so by car or hiring a car at the airport. Summer holidays often include a lot of driving. 

This can have many advantages, the main one usually being that you have your car (or a car) for the duration of your trip. If you’ve bought a great car from Jagtechnic, why should you have to rely on public transport while you are on holiday? But, long drives can be boring, especially if you are a passenger. So, what can you do to pass the time on a long car journey?


Create a PlayList

Now, the music tends to be the driver’s domain, so it would be good if you could both come up with an agreed playlist. Spend some time setting it up before your trip, so you’ve got lots of fantastic tunes to listen to alone the way. 


Swat Up on Road Trip Games

There’s very little more old fashioned than a road trip game. In the days of portable DVD players and tablets, they’ve somewhat gone out of use. But, they can still be a fantastic way to pass the time. If you’ve got kids in the car, stick to the family classics like eye spy or red car. But, if it’s an adults-only road trip, a few adult road trip games could be great fun and have you laughing all the way. 


Take a Nap

If the driver doesn’t mind, try to get your head down for a short nap. Take a travel pillow and wear comfy clothes and you’ll soon nod off. If possible, take turns driving so that you both get a rest, but remember to make sure you are both insured to drive before you leave. 


Be The Navigator

Traditionally the passenger has always been the map man. The navigator, that’s armed with a map book and plans all of the stops and routes along the way. But, now we tend just to spend our time shouting at a sat nav. If you want something to do, buy a map book and get stuck in, turning the sat nav off first to avoid arguments. 


Look After the Driver

As the passenger, it should be your responsibility to take care of your driver. Sometimes, this will mean checking the map or finding a stop along the way. But, it can also mean opening a drinks bottle or sweet and even scratching an ear. Think of yourself less as passenger and more as drivers assistant. 


Take in the Sights

In our busy day to day lives, we so rarely get the chance to really look at the world around us. Use this time to take in the sights, to see what you can spot, and to pick out places that you’d like to come back to for a proper look. 

Making Your Daily Commute More Enjoyable

For many of us, driving to the city for work is one of the most daunting tasks, still it is necessary. You might feel like you are losing an hour or two every day being stuck in traffic, and you will never get that time back. There are, however, some great creative ways you can improve your experience and make the most out of your time behind the wheel. Find out more about them below.

Driving Cars HTKAH


Car Share

You might sign up for carpooling or car sharing scheme at work, or find someone you can share a ride with online. You can find apps that will help you find a car share in your region, so you never have to spend time alone dealing with the stress and anxiety caused by the traffic around you. Another person – and even small talk – can take your mind off being stuck in a traffic jam, and you will arrive more relaxed to work.


If your car technology needs updating, you might want to visit one of the dealerships and search for a vehicle that allows you to stream your content to the audio system, so you can make the most out of your time listening to podcasts or learning new skills. Talk to an expert at the Crystal Motor Company about the most suitable city models with advanced Bluetooth and navigation.   

Music Collections


If you simply want to feel more relaxed and comfortable while behind the wheel driving to work, and you often get frustrated by the amount of advertising on radio, you can also create your own music collection or playlist for the journeys. This will only take a maximum an hour, and you will be able to choose what to listen to every morning, depending on your mood.

Audio Conferencing

To improve your personal productivity, you might choose to catch up with your team and your employees while driving. While video conferencing is not advised, as you will need to keep your eyes on the road ahead, there is no reason why you should not jump on a call and discuss your plans for the day, so by the time you arrive at the office you can all be on the same page and get started with the work straight away. You just have to find the right car tech to accommodate this feature.

Record Your Ideas by Dictating to Your Phone

It is hard to keep your diary updated while you are driving, and some people will say that your best ideas are born when you simply cannot write them down. If you have a hands-free feature and an advanced microphone in your car, you can record your best ideas and even your to-do list, so you can write them down and remember them later.


Daily commutes might seem like a waste of time and fuel, but you can find some great ways to improve your experience and make your journey more enjoyable and more productive, too.


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Amazon currently has three bookstores located at Seattle, Portland and San Diego. As well as this new one in Manhattan there are also plans for two more, Chicago and Massachusetts.

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