Complaints about Streaming Services Surge!

So, you have been spending lots of time on your favorite streaming services whilst on lockdown. Things have gotten quite tough finding various activities to keep yourself busy. While there is a lot of things to watch online, your favorite services don’t always work the way that you want them to. So we do what we Brits do best and complain.

Due to a surge in screen time, complaints about streaming services has also surged. According to a Media Nations Report, posted recently by Ofcom, a total of 40% of UK Adults are now spending their waking day watching TV and online video services.This is as a result of the lockdown that’s been imposed on many of us lately.

It has not been all plain sailing though.

The Bandwidth Britain Report from Uswitch has found the streaming services which use the most bandwidth are also causing the biggest disruption to our lockdown box set binges.

The research team took the most popular streaming services in the UK and revealed the ones that are the most unreliable. So, how is this done you may wonder? Well it’s calculated by the number of times that we have gone to Google to complain about them:  “Netflix not working”, “Now TV not working”.

Complaints Score

So they ranked the most Complained About Streaming Services in the UK according to a complaints score:

  • Netflix – 8,300
  • Now TV – 5,020
  • BBC iplayer – 2,510
  • Apple TV – 1,570
  • Sky on Demand – 1,030
  • All 4 – 830
  • Amazon Prime Video – 820
  • Hayu – 500
  • Disney+ – 480
  • Britbox – 310

Netflix unsurprisingly topped the list as the UK’s most complained about streaming app during lockdown. As it had a complaint score of 8,300. It’s not surprising because it’s bad. Far from it. We love it! But Netflix is the most popular streaming app, so of course it’s going to have a larger number of people complaining about it. Now TV came in second with a 5,020 complaint score.

While Britbox found itself at the opposite end of the scale with the study revealing it had just 310 on the complaints score.


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