Glass X

Raise your hand if a cracked screen is your number 1 fear.Raise them again if you hate putting on those fiddly screen protectors. Yeah, same. Nanotech geniuses NanoFlow X feel you, so they came up the universal and easy to apply GLASS X, the first LIQUID screen protector. Tag a clumsy friend! Pre-order here:

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Glass X is a super tough, super strong screen protector for your electronic devices that is applied as a LIQUID! Which then dries to form a GLASS coating on the screens of your electronic devices and holds protection against keys, bumps and scratches! The solution also has an anti smudge solution included in it, so once it has dried and settled you won’t get as many grubby greasy finger marks all over your shiny new phone! What’s the best benefit? As well as being super easy to apply, you can add this to up to 3 of your electronic devices, no need to buy multiple screen protectors

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The Lamzac Fatboy! #ShareTheAir

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Ever been to the park, a festival or even the beach with no where to sit and you end up getting grass stains on your brand new trousers or sand everywhere (and we mean everywhere!) Even a towel doesn’t really save you from these problems, a towel isn’t even comfortable either!

Well, we can change your outdoor life with a brand new product that hails from the Netherlands. Recently we have been using the Lamzac Fatboy, an inflatable seat or sofa that can hold 2-3 people. It doesn’t require you to stand there all day long inflating it with a foot pump or blowing into a small tube for hours on end. Filled in seconds using a technique you can start to enjoy comfort anywhere you want! It doesn’t take forever to deflate either, just undo the clip, unroll the fabric and release! Done. Then roll it up and place it in the handy bag for next time. Don’t worry its strong and hardwearing too so no need to be concerned about pops and falling and hurting your derrière! 

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