Top 5 Screen Sharing Apps

Coronavirus has kept us all isolated and at home. Many of us are experiencing a lockdown in our respective countries and we’re all looking for ways to keep in touch with one another. As we all are looking stay social with one another, because life’s better shared, right?! We’re also looking to do the things that we’d normally do with friends but find ways to do it online too. Here’s the Top 5 screen sharing apps!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Meet allows you to connect with your team anywhere with video calls! It’s super simple to use, simply set up a meeting and share a link. You can have a total of 30 people in a call too!
Meet is fully intergrated into G Suite so you can join meeting through a Calendar or Email invite too! All the important details are there if you need them. G Suite’s enterprise edition allows a dial in phone number for each meeting. So everyone can join, even if they are on the move! Simply via 2 taps on a smartphone and an iOS/Android app.
All Google Hangout Meets are encrypted and safe to join, even if you are off site.


Zoom is another really great option to keep in contact with people. It’s super easy to join and collaborate across any device. You can sync it with a calendar system (Google, Outlook, iCal) to schedule in chats easily. You can have HD video and audio for your meetings with support for up to an incredible 1000 p

articipants and have 49 participants on screen at once.

Furthermore you can record your meetings to the cloud or locally. Plus get auto-generated searchable transcripts! Collaborate with other people on the call and share screens simultaneously. Even co-annotate for a more interactive meeting. Share videos and photos, without uploading content with screen sharing.

Your calls are encrypted end to end, they have role-based user security, password protection, waiting rooms and even place an attendee on hold. There’s group chats available, searchable history, share files and there’s even a TEN YEAR archive!

Have a virtual background to look meeting-ready with ‘touch up my appearance’ Start Q and A’s to keep participants enganged, allow virtual hand raising and also track engagement of those involved with an attention indicator.

Furthermore there’s expaned audio options, with VoIP and toll-based dial-in for 55+ countries, global toll free and call out and dial in numbers.

Download: Apple / Google / Desktop

House Party – Lots of Fun 

Houseparty the biggest app right now during lockdown. Available on Android, iOS, iPad OS and macOS, the face to face social network focuses on video chats, quizzes and games to bring people together. Which is perfect when we can’t be together physically.

Houseparty has been around since 2016, but has surged in popularity during being stuck at home for long periods of time.

Houseparty has been called a more informal version of Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. As Houseparty has quizzes and games in it too. So it’s more than just talking in front of a camera.

Download here: Apple / Google

Instagram Co-watch

launched a media sharing feature. This feature will allow you to view instagram posts together over video chat.

Firstly, start a video chat by tapping the video chat icon in the direct messaging inbox. While you can also do this in an existing thread too. Then view saved, liked and suggested photos/videos by tapping the photo icon in the bottom left hand corner of an ongoing video chat.

Download here: Apple / Google

Squad – Watch a number of things and screen share

Squad is a really cool app that allows you to hang out with friends over video chat and watch your favourite content together! Watch a YouTube video, a Tik Tok even a movie! Furthermore you can share your screen to play games or watch or share other content on places like Twitter or Facebook.
Share your screen to share websites to get ideas on what thing to buy, get help with research, get an opinion on some music, even have a little house party! The possibilities are endless!
It’s super super easy and the video quality is incredible too! There’s no lag when watching video content either. It’s perfectly synced up so both are you are watching it at the right time. No need to time it correctly!
Download here: Apple / Google

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