ili Laptop Stand

We been trying out this super cool sustainable laptop stand called ili. It’s really cool and to our surprise, really functional as it folds down for easy transportation!
Now Laptops allow us to work freely but can be blamed for work related back, neck and shoulder issues. The ili Laptop stand is one way in which you can prevent those sorts of aches and pains! By simply placing the laptop at eye level and using a separate keyboard and mouse!


So as laptops are quick and easy to move about, you got to have a quick and easy laptop stand right? Of course you do! That’s where the ili comes in. It is light portable, easy to assemble and packs really small!

It will elevate your laptop to eye level and the unique design will allow you to place your keyboard underneath the laptop itself. Giving you a clear view of both whilst bringing you closer to the screen. Therefore preventing lean and any back issues!

ili Laptop Screen, Bonuses!

With the ili Laptop stand you can even stand up to work, just simply tilt your screen back. Better yet, when used like this, there’s no need for a separate keyboard and mouse!
You will hear your speakers better when using the ili laptop stand & as the microphone is at eye level (and thus voice level) you will be able to talk to people better on Skype! It will even look more natural if you are video calling!
You may even see an increase in productivity with stands like the ili laptop stand! Better yet, you can be even more productive as the airflow underneath the laptop is increased. Therefore allowing for natural cooling and ventilation!

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