Launched by podcasting heavyweights Acast and audio production giants WiseBuddah, Launchpod aims to find the UK’s next hottest podcast! Our very own Marcus Bronzy is on the LaunchPod shortlist for his Podcast ‘The Switch”

The Switch – Marcus Bronzy

Marcus’ podcast finds human stories in the world of technology, focusing on the people who are using tech to “switch things up” in the world we live in, and the way tech affects our everyday lives. Marcus is a TV, radio and podcast presenter and producer.


Furthermore, it’s a super cool initiative which gives people the chance to create podcasts and share them with a much wider audience with Acast/WiseBuddahs help!

So, What was the competition?

Each semi-finalist will work with Wisebuddah and Acast to produce a pilot episode.

These three pilots will be made available on Apple Podcasts, the Acast app and other podcast platforms. While listeners will vote for their favourite. The listener vote will be considered by the judges and a winner will be announced.

The winning podcaster will work with Wisebuddah to bring the first series of their production to life! They will host their podcast on Acast and receive launch, content, artwork and promotional support from the Acast team.


Consequently, below are the other wonderful entrants. There are some awesome content ideas here!

On Things We Left Behind – Surer Mohamed

Surer is the daughter of refugees who were forced to leave their home during the Somali Civil War – this is what inspired her podcast idea, a story-driven podcast that explores the scars of war, what it means to lose a home, and how to rebuild. Surer is a PhD Candidate in Politics and International Studies at Cambridge University, where she researches post-conflict reconstruction.

The Boy Problem

 Zachary Fortais-Gomm and Elizabeth Campbell

The Boy Problem is an audio drama thriller exploring masculinity in modern society created by Zachary Fortais-Gomm and produced by Elizabeth Campbell. Zachary is a writer, director and the mind behind The Orphans podcast. Elizabeth is a barrister and has been instrumental in podcasts such as Victoriocity and Wooden Overcoats.

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Episode 299 Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill Pt. 2

Episode 298 Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill Pt.1

Episode 295 Huge Euge Eugene Collins

Best Electric Skateboard Ever? – Boosted Stealth

Best Electric Skateboard Ever? – Boosted Stealth

Our very own Marcus Bronzy tested out the new Boosted Boards 'Stealth' – How good is it though?….Find out more here :- mention to DJI x LaCie with the 'Boss Drive'More about that here:- Boosted Model Review:- / Directed by Marcus Bronzy – http://www.MarcusBronzy.comEdited by AR Visual –

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

We loved Boosted Boards here at How To Kill An Hour, if you remembered our review of  the original city slicker. If you didn’t here’s our run down of what we loved about that amazing board. We even did a little test to see how far it can go on one full charge. However, that board has now been superseded by a new line up of urban travelling personal vehicles. In today’s review, we’re taking the grand daddy of them all, the top of the line, the king of the ring, the Boosted Stealth!

It looks as good as it sounds too:

It’s really fast and even though a 2mph increase in speed doesn’t feel like a lot. Especially for those that drive 2mph is nothing.

However, when it is just you and the board and the open road. Boy oh boy, 2mph is HUGE! The top speed is only eligible for those that use the ‘hyper’ speed mode on the board. We advise riders to get used to all the other modes first before they go IN! As electric skateboards do take some getting used to. It’s not a case of getting on and pushing go! You need to practice!


Here’s a comparison between the previous generations Boosted Board, Boosted Board 2nd generation + Extended Range Battery, and the top of the range current generation of Boosted Boards the Boosted Board Stealth:


Boosted StealthBoosted Board 2nd Generation + Extended Range Battery
RangeUp to 14MilesUp to 7Miles / 14Miles (Xtended Range)
Hill ClimbUp to 25% GradeUp to 25% Grade
Power 2,100 Watts2,000 Watts
Deck Super Flex Composite Deck
Flexible Bamboo
190mm CNC Precision MachinedComposite Steel
Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth RemoteErgonomic Bluetooth Remote
Top Speed Up to 24 MphUp to 22mph
Ride Modes
5 Ride Modes
3 Modes for Normal
4 Ride Modes for Xtended Range
Dimensions 11.3in (w) 38in (L) 5.7in (H)11in (w) 38in (L) 5.2in (H)
BrakesRegenerative Brakes
WheelsBoosted Stratus 85mm
Orangatang 80mm
iOS and AndroidiOS and Android
Charging Time 1hr 45mins
1hr 30mins – 2hrs


The current cost of a Boosted Board stealth at the time of writing is $1699.99 (UK) $1599 (US ex-VAT) the ‘Boosted Plus’ is $1499.99 (UK) $1,399 (US ex-VAT)

To purchase your own Boosted Stealth please click here!

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Episode 294 Florida Man Ft Funk Butcher

PLANET ALPHA: Exclusive Gameplay

Planet Alpha is here! Marcus Bronzy gets the PLANET ALPHA exclusive gameplay on with the release version!

Planet Alpha’s plot revolves around a beautiful alien world. So, the story is filled with mystery and danger, as you would expect from an alien planet!

As Planet Alpha is richly affected by the solar cycle, as you progress throughout the game, you’ll discover you’ve been given a unique gift. The power to manipulate night and day. While you must use this power intelligently to your advantage to progress as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Working with premium video games and Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar of Planet Alpha ApS, Team 17 have created an amazing game! The independent game studio are a small team of just 3 developers in and around Denmark. PLANET ALPHA has been in development for some time, combining combining fast platforming, challenging puzzles and stealth moments with a unique art-style to create an unforgettable experience. Consequently PLANET ALPHA was born! It’s an atmospheric sci-fi platform adventure game that is ridiculously addictive!


Game Info

Marooned on an Alien World…
You have awoken on a strange alien world. Injured, alone and stranded you venture across this foreign land, navigating beautiful and varied terrain as you try to stay alive.

Power Over Night and Day
The world of PLANET ALPHA is affected by the solar cycle, and as you progress you’ll discover a unique gift. You can manipulate the time of day and use it to your advantage.

Unlock the Mysteries of PLANET ALPHA
Explore a unique world and piece together your story. What will you discover on PLANET ALPHA?


PLANET ALPHA is not available to buy as a physical copy and only available to download on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam for just £15.99 / $19.99 / 19,99€.  Furthermore, it’s available TODAY! 

Furthermore, it’s best to keep an eye on the price! As for a limited time launch discounts will be available. So, please check your local digital stores for availability and conditions.

So, read More about our E3 coverage here!

Also, read more about Planet Alpha being Team 17’s 100th game here!



Marvels Spider-Man on PS4

Insomniac’s Marvels Spider-Man was shown off at E3 this year and it impressed the E3 crowd and those watching at home a like. Spiderman is an action and adventure open world game exclusive to PS4. The gameplay trailer that was shown off this year did not disappoint. It looks just like a movie and the devs over at Insomniac have done a wonderful job of seamlessly transitioning between gameplay and cutscenes.

Also revealed was a whole host of villains that Spidey will be taking on too! Villains include Electro, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture. Consequently, all of whom escape from the maximum security prison that we see in the trailer above. Hype has been huge for this game and for all the right reasons too! Consequently it’s shaping up to be a heavy hitter when it releases on 7th September 2018 as an exclusive title for PS4. (The Verge)

In the video above we see Ryan Penagos, Vice President & Creative Executive, Marvel New Media and rapper Styles P on a super quick look at Marvels Spider-Man for the PS4. Boy does it look good! Everyone loves Spiderman and we’ve not seen an open world superhero game before, if it’s anything like Spidey. Consequently, cover us interested! So show us more! Styles P beat up a few baddies and went on a car chase, he was definitely enjoying the game! If it can make a rapper this hyped about a video game, it is definitely worth checking out!

Game Information

Marvel’s: Spider-Man is an upcoming open world action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It is being developed by Insomniac Games and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 console. It will be the first licensed game developed by Insomniac. The game will tell a new story about Spider-Man and is not tied to a film or comic book. The game will cover both the Peter Parker and Spider-Man aspects of the character and will feature a more experienced Spider-Man.

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Also, listen to the latest episode here!

Episode 293 Dane Baptiste


Planet Alpha: Team17’s 100th Game!

PLANET ALPHA launches next month and it will mark Team17’s 100th game release!

Team17 are an incredible games label and they’ve teamed up with Denmark based independent developer Adrian Lazar of Planet Alpha ApS game studio to create a truly wonderful and beautiful game in PLANET ALPHA. Consequently, Team17 are incredibly proud of the work that’s gone into this game so much that they’re marking their landmark 100th game release with it!

Team17 began as a publisher when it was founded in 1990. Working on games such as Housemarque on Super Stardust and Epic on Silverball. However what made Team17 famous in the gaming industry is their work with the Worms series which launched in 1995. Consequently in 2013 Team17 set up their games label and brought to the masses games such as The Escapists, an How To Kill An Hour favourite Overcooked and Yooka-Laylee. Now 27 years on Team17 are shortly releasing (Sept 4th) PLANET ALPHA on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™ and PC. 


PLANET ALPHA is an atmospheric side-scrolling platform adventure game. Combining fast platforming, creative puzzles, stealth mechanics and a unique art style to create an unforgettable experience.

“The 100th game marks an incredible milestone for Team17 as we move closer towards our 30th year in this diverse and creative industry. Team17 started life as an indie publisher in 1990; the release of PLANET ALPHA in 2018 is a poignant moment for us all in that we have come full circle in bringing our expertise, perspective and values from our time as an independent developer to games publishing in this exciting modern era of indie games…..I’d like to pay tribute to employees of Team17, both past and present, as we celebrate the release of a multitude of titles across many game systems from 16-bit and beyond and in countries far and wide. I’m appreciative, humbled and honoured to work with talented developers in bringing their wonderful creations to fans everywhere. We’re just as passionate and excited for the next 100 games!”  Debbie Bestwick MBE, CEO of Team17.


So, check out our PLANET ALPHA gameplay video from E3 below:

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Check out our exclusive play through when we got our hands on it here!