Nest Wifi




Google’s Nest Wifi is a really powerful router and Wifi Point, but it also adds Google Assistant, bringing you even more help at the home!

Whole home coverage

The new Nest Wifi system is two separate devices, the Nest Wifi router plugs directly into the modem. Therefore forming the basis for a strong and powerful home network. While the Nest Wifi point expands coverage to where you need it most.

This new device is more powerful than the predecessor Google Wifi, delivering up to 2x the speed and up to 25% better coverage. A two pack will deliver coverage for a 3,800 sq foot home. The system is also scalable so you can add more points at a later date. Already got a Google Wifi network? Easily add Nest Wifi to it for additional coverage.

Simple setup and control in the Google Home App

You can easily set up Nest Wifi. Simply plug it in, download and open the Google Home app and you’ll be guided through the setup in minutes! Once complete you can manage your network from within the app and all your other supported connected devices.

Google Home app, makes it easy to share Wi-Fi passwords with guests and prioritise devices, test the speed, set up a guest network and change your password. Have a Nest Smart Display? Share the network and password right on the display, simply scan the code with your phone to get online!

Manage separate homes in the app too! You can manage the wifi of a loved one’s network if they aren’t tech savy from your own home!

Have children? You can set up a Wifi Schedule so you can shut off the internet on certain devices at certain times during the week.

Hands-free help with the Google Assistant

Nest Wifi Point has a speaker has a Google Assistant so it can do everything that a Nest Mini can do. Listen to music and ask Google to do a whole heap of things such as pausing the Wifi for certain people or ask Google what the Wifi Network is like. For example:

“Hey Google, pause the Wi-Fi for Daniel.”

“Hey Google, what’s my internet speed?”

Designed for your home

Nest Wifi is beautifully designed with soft rounded edges and unobtrusive lighting, it’s meant to be placed out in the open (unlike other routers), plus it will perform better this way!

The Wifi points come in three colors, Snow, Sand and Mist!

Smart home support

Nest Wifi is built to provide foundation for the future of smart devices. Meaning it has local home connectivity, some devices will connect directly to the system without needing a hub. Easily set up the most popular lights and plugs right from the Home app.

Nest Wifi availability

It will be available in eight global markets in 2019. In the U.S., you can preorder right now and Nest Wifi will be on sale on November 4.

You can get a two pack with one router and one point for $269, or a three pack with one router and two points for $349.

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